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Set up broadband: VDSL or ADSL

Find out how to set up your modem to get the best connection. Find out how to connect to WiFi and start using your VDSL or ADSL broadband.

Set up your Spark modem

  1. Find a spot for your modem near a jackpoint. Make sure there isn't anything that will weaken the strength of your WiFi. This includes things like concrete walls or electronic appliances.
  2. Select your modem below to open the quick-start user guide for step-by-step instructions:

Set up VDSL on a non-Spark/third party modem

Any VDSL modems need to align with Telepermit PTC274 certification. You'll need your modem's user guide, and then adjust the modem's settings to match the following:

  • Operating mode: VDSL2
  • PPP protocol: PPPoE
  • PPP username:
  • PPP password: password
  • PPP auth type: PAP
  • Encapsulation: 802.1Q
  • PCP marking: 0
  • VID: 10
  • MTU: 1500 or Auto

Note: You may not need to fill out all these fields. You don't need a specific PPP username and password, but you won't be able to connect if either field is blank.

Set up ADSL on a non-Spark/third party modem

  • VPI: 0
  • VCI 100
  • Multiplexing: VCMUX
  • MTU: 1500
  • Encapsulation: RFC 2364 (or PPPoverATM / PPPoA)
  • PPP username:
  • PPP password: password
  • PPP auth type: PAP
  • PPP mode: Always on (dial on demand disabled)
  • Operating mode (ADSL2+): Auto or G.992.5 Annex A
  • Operating mode (ADSL2): Auto or G.992.3 Annex A
  • Operating mode (ADSL1): Auto or G.992.1 (G.DMT) or ANSI T1.413 Issue 2. Don't use G.992.2 (G.Lite)

Once your modem is set up, you can connect your computer, mobile or tablet to WiFi.

Connect to WiFi

  • On the back or base of your modem you'll find your WiFi connection's name (SSID) and password (WLAN key).
  • Select your modem from the list above and go to the user guide for instructions for your modem.

Set up VDSL/ADSL filters

A VDSL/ADSL filter separates your broadband and phone signals, preventing interference. Use a filter on every working jackpoint you use. If a technician installs a master splitter for your VDSL connection, you don't need to use filters.

  1. Unplug anything that's in a jackpoint.
  2. Find the jackpoint closest to where you want your modem to sit.
  3. Plug the filter into this jackpoint.
  4. Plug your phone into the phone port of the filter. Check that the phone has a dial tone.
  5. Plug the VDSL/ADSL cable into the other port of the splitter, and then plug it into the modem.

Using a dedicated jackpoint or splitter

If a technician installed a splitter, they might have told you to use, or put a label on, a specific jackpoint. This is a dedicated broadband jackpoint.

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