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Set up Wireless Antenna

Rural Wireless Broadband is delivered in more rural and remote areas covered by the Rural Broadband initiatives. Wireless Broadband runs over the Spark 4G network to provide a fast and reliable broadband service in applicable coverage area.

Message us to find out about our Rural Wireless Antenna bundles.

Use the instructions below to set up your Wireless Antenna.

Step 1. Identify your external Antenna

The Antenna is attached to the roof outside. A cable is fed through the roof cavity or ducted down the side of the house to a lower entry point.

Step 2. Locate your internal cable

The connection point inside looks similar to a TV aerial outlet on the wall. There are several different types of outlets that could be installed. A white cable will be connected to this outlet which cannot be removed.

Step 3. Connect the cables

Secure the white cable to the back of the modem using the plastic cable tie. This gives stability and prevents the cord from coming loose.

Step 4. Plug in your modem

Connect the black cord into the white cable. With the other end of the black cord, plug this to the back of the modem in the slot labelled MAIN.

Step 5. Power up and connect to WiFi

Use the Quick Start guide that came with your modem, or see the user guides to get up and running: Go to Spark Smart Modem 2 user guides