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Set up 4G Wireless Broadband

Find out how to set up your Wireless Broadband and landline.

Set up your modem

The steps below are for setting up a Spark Smart Modem 2 on Wireless Broadband. If you have a different Spark wireless modem, find the instructions for your modem on our modem device help page.  

See instructions for different modems

In the box you'll find:

  • Your Spark Smart Modem 2
  • A power supply cable
  • A blue ethernet cable
  • A yellow ethernet cable
  • A grey phone cable
  • A safety guide

Next, choose a spot for the modem. The spot will need to be near a power outlet, near a window and a central location for your house.

  • Plug your modem into a power outlet using the power cable and turn it on.
  • Wait while the modem connects to the network. This can take up to five minutes.
  • Check the colour of the 4G LTE light on the front of the modem. For the best performance, the light should be green.
  • If the light isn't green, move your modem closer to the window for a better signal.

Connect your computer, mobile or tablet to Wireless Broadband

  • On your computer, mobile or tablet, look for your modem on the list of WiFi networks. You can find your modem's name on the bottom of your modem.
  • Select your modem from the list. Type in the password (also on the bottom of your modem). When it connects, you can start browsing the internet.
  • If your computer doesn't have WiFi, connect your computer to the modem using an ethernet cable.

Connect your landline

If you have a landline service with your Wireless Broadband, follow these steps:

  • Plug the grey phone cable into your phone and then plug the other end into your modem. Make sure you plug your phone into a power socket as well.
  • Check for a dial tone.
  • If you can't hear a dial tone, turn your modem off and on again. If it's a new landline, it can take up to 30 minutes to activate.
  • When you can hear a dial tone, your phone is set up.

Things to know about Wireless Broadband

  • Wireless Broadband uses Spark's 4G network. The speed of your connection depends on your signal strength.
  • Check your data usage in the Spark app or MySpark online.
  • If your plan has a data cap and you go over it, you'll get an automatic extra 10GB for $10. When you've used this you'll need to go to MySpark to buy more data. Limits may apply as to how many times you can do this per month.
  • You can set up data usage alerts through MySpark. Find out how
  • If you're planning on moving house, talk to us to check if you can use Wireless Broadband at your new address. We can organise a reconnection from there. Find out about moving
  • More information can be found in the terms and conditions. See terms and conditions
  • Value added services may come with your Wireless Broadband plan. Find out more
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