Check your setup

Switch off and on

If your internet is slow or dropping out, there could be an easy fix. Just switch it off, wait 10 seconds and switch back on. It might just solve the problem.

Keep it elevated

To extend your signal as much as possible, keep your modem centrally located and around one metre off the ground. And if it’s hiding, move it into the open.

Check for interference

Things like baby monitors, cordless phones and microwaves can interfere with your modem’s signal. It’s best to keep your modem away from any of these.

Free the signal

Large household objects can block, bounce or deflect your signal. Move your modem so there’s nothing like a hot water cylinder or mirror in the way.

Plug in to stream

Plug your device directly into your modem with an Ethernet cable to remove streaming interference. Try it with laptops and desktop computers.

Connect to faster band

Search your WiFi networks to see if there’s a 5Ghz WiFi band available. It will usually be the same name as your other connection, with -5g at the end.

Check your tech

Extend the signal

Struggling to find a signal in some rooms? For seamless, reliable WiFi coverage, grab a signal booster or Spark Smart Mesh

Check your modem

Check for any issues with your modem

Upgrade your connection

Are you on the best connection available? Faster speeds might be available at your place. Check what's available

Retire your modem

If you think your modem has seen better days – from accidental mishandling or it's more than five years old – it may be time to upgrade to a Spark Smart Modem