Modem Health

Survey your set-up

Maximise the effectiveness of your broadband set-up with the following tips.

Switch it off and on

Sometimes you just have to switch it off and back on to fix it. If your internet is too slow or regularly dropping out, this might solve the problem. Switch the modem off, wait 10 seconds and switch back on.

Elevate your modem

Extend your signal by placing your modem in a central location and get it up off the ground onto a shelf or furniture unit. Don't hide it in a closet as this will reduce the signal effectiveness, get it out into the open.

Check for interference

Things like baby monitors, cordless phones and microwaves can interfere with your modem’s signal. It’s best to keep your modem away from these and any other potential signal disruptors.

Free the signal

Large household objects can block, bounce or deflect your signal. Move your modem so there’s nothing large, like a wardrobe or tank, getting in the way of you and a good signal.

Plug in to stream

To get the fastest possible speeds from your broadband, plug a device directly into your modem with an Ethernet cable. This will help remove any streaming interference. Try with laptops, desktop computers or your preferred streaming device.

Connect to a faster band

Search your WiFi networks to see if you have access to a 5Ghz WiFi band, as this is the fastest band currently available. It will usually have the same name as your other connection, but with -5g at the end.

Try our Check Connection tool

The tool will scan your home connection and diagnose issues. It will then give you recommendations for how to fix or optimise your home network. You can run this check yourself at anytime. The Check Connection tool is designed to assist with:

  • Speed issues with your internet
  • Disconnections or devices dropping off the network
  • Limited or no WiFi coverage in your home

Learn how to use the Check Connection tool


Check your tech

Maybe your tech is letting your broadband down? Use these tips and tricks to check.

Extend the signal

Getting a poor signal in some rooms? For more reliable WiFi coverage, grab a signal booster or Spark Smart Mesh 2

Inspect your modem

Use our tips and tricks to check for any issues with your modem

Upgrade your connection

Are you on the best connection available? Faster speeds might be available at your place. Check what's available

Password protect

Password protect your WiFi connection to avoid any unwanted piggybacking on your broadband. A neighbour using your net for their Netflix will be sure to slow it down.

Retire your modem

If you think your modem is past its best as it's a few years old or damaged, it's probably time for an upgrade. Spark Smart Modem

Cable maintenance

Check out all of your key cables, if they're tangled or damaged this could adversely effect modem performance. And if you're using a wired connection, ensure that your Ethernet cable isn't damaged or in need of replacement.

Expand your WiFi coverage with Spark Smart Mesh 2

Spark Smart Mesh 2 connects to your modem to seamlessly expand your WiFi coverage further throughout your home. 

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