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Cancel broadband plan

Find out about cancelling Broadband services with Spark.

Before you cancel your Broadband:

  • Contact us to check if any of your Broadband services come under a contract. If the contract term hasn't finished, you may be facing early exit fees.
  • Sign in to MySpark or contact us to check if you have any interest free payments on your broadband plan. If you disconnect your services before completing all your instalments then you will need to pay the remaining payments on your next statement.
  • Be aware that there’s a standard 30-day notice period when you cancel Spark's services.
    • The 30-day period begins when you tell us you want to cancel.
    • You'll have to pay for your Broadband service until that period ends.
    • You can find out more about the 30-day notice period in our Terms and Conditions. Read terms and conditions
  • If you are changing to another provider, once you have checked out the points above it's best that you get your new provider to organise the change. This ensures that we'll have your service disconnected at the right time. They'll ask us to stop your Spark Broadband on the day that you’ve arranged to connect with them.

You can cancel your Broadband in one of these ways:

  • Message our team. Message us
  • Call 0800 300 015 Monday to Friday from 8am–8pm or Saturday from 9am–6pm.
  • Book a call
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