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Privacy information for guided checks in the Spark app

Find out what happens with information you give us access to while we're guiding you through checks to fix home network issues in the Spark app.  

What kind of information is collected?

We collect technical information about your home network for the purpose of helping you troubleshoot problems that arise when using internet services and devices. This information includes your external IP address and photos you provide us.

How long will you be storing my data for?

We'll keep your data for one month, so that we can resolve any further issues that may come up. After this time, it will be deleted automatically.

Will you be sharing my data with anyone?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides Spark with the diagnostics for the RouteThis service. So when you share information with us as part of this service, we'll need to share it with AWS to run diagnostics and provide the service to you.  

Our Privacy Policy outlines how we share information with third parties. Go to Privacy Policy