Xbox All Access offer terms and conditions

The terms below apply to Xbox All Access with an electronic Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which is available to purchase from 1 August 2023.

If you purchased Xbox All Access from us before 20 June 2023, the relevant terms that apply are here: View previous Xbox All Access offer terms and conditions

What terms apply

  1. The Xbox All Access offer is also subject to Spark’s Personal terms and conditions including terms about interest free payments in our General Terms.

    View Spark Personal terms and conditions

Who can get this offer

  1. This 24-month Bundle is available (while stocks last) to existing Spark customers on any in-market Spark Broadband or Pay Monthly Mobile plan (excluding Data Only plans).

    The $40 monthly price for Xbox Series S comprises of $21.01 for the console (totalling $504.24) and $18.99 for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (XGPU) subscription.

    The $56 monthly price for the Xbox Series X comprises of $37.01 for the console (totalling $888.24) and $18.99 for the XGPU subscription.

  2. You will need to pass a credit assessment before Xbox All Access is added to your Spark account, but no deposit is payable.
  3. There is a limit of one (1) Xbox All Access Bundle per Spark account.
  4. Please note: You’ll need fast broadband and a large data allowance. The minimum requirements are:
    • Internet: Broadband internet (a minimum of 1.5 Mbps down / 768 Kbps up), a Microsoft account, and an Xbox Live account required for the initial online set-up, downloads/mandatory updates (some significant) and some features (including retention of gameplay settings and information). Internet Service Provider fees apply.
    • Game Download File Size: From the Xbox Series S launch, all or the majority of the games library will consist of the present library. This has an average game download size of around 20.6GB per game as at April 2020. So you will need a large data allowance to be able to use the service.

What you get

  1. Eligible customers who sign up to Xbox All Access will get:
    • An Xbox Series X or Series S console, depending on the package purchased (on a 24 month interest free term); and
    • An electronic XGPU subscription (renewed monthly for 24 months). Once activated this provides unlimited access to over 100 games, including online multiplayer. Included games will vary over time and game download sizes and minimum recommended connection speeds will likely increase over time. For present game details see

    The Xbox consoles and XGPU subscription cannot be purchased separately.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription

  1. You must activate your XGPU subscription within 24 months of the date of purchase, otherwise it will expire. You can activate the subscription within the Xbox app on your mobile device or on the Xbox console using your controller. The subscription cannot be transferred or resold.
  2. When your 24 months of XGPU subscription ends, you will be presented with the option to continue with an XGPU subscription directly with Microsoft at the standard in-market rate, currently $21.95 per month. Pricing is subject to change by Microsoft.


  1. Xbox All Access will be charged to your Spark account from the date of purchase in-store or once the Xbox console is shipped to you (if not bought in-store), regardless of whether the XGPU subscription has been activated.
  2. You will be charged the monthly price (as set out in clause 2 above) each month on your monthly Spark bill unless you cancel the Bundle (in whole or in part) or you are no longer on an eligible Spark plan.


  1. If you want to cancel Xbox All Access you will need to speak to a Spark representative. You can do this in a Spark store or via an assisted channel over the phone.
  2. If you cancel early per clause 11 above, or are no longer on an eligible Spark plan, your Xbox All Access Bundle will be unbundled and the following applies:
    Cancellation scenario Xbox Console Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription
    You no longer have an eligible Spark broadband or Pay Monthly Mobile plan with us during the 24-month term You’ll need to pay the remaining balance on the console, in a one-off rolled up payment. You will have access to the XGPU subscription until the end of your subscription month and will not be refunded for a part month. You will not be charged for it again.
    You cancel your Xbox All Access Bundle before the end of the 24-month term
    You cancel your XGPU subscription before the end of the 24-month term You can choose to:
    • Continue paying off the console for the rest of the interest free period; or
    • Roll up your interest free payments and pay the remaining balance on the console
    You will no longer have access to the XGPU subscription and will not be refunded for a part month. You will not be charged for it again.

Other important terms

  • Additional Terms: The following terms will also apply to your use of Xbox All Access:

    If and to the extent that these additional terms relating to billing, payments and cancellations conflict with the Spark Terms, the relevant Spark Terms shall prevail.

  • Purchases on your Xbox: Spark is not liable for any fees or purchases incurred through your Xbox account. All purchases made on the console itself will be billed to the credit/debit card attached to your Xbox account.
  • Personal information: By purchasing Xbox All Access, you acknowledge and consent to the following:

    We and/or our vendors (that enable Spark to deliver Xbox All Access) may, for the purpose of managing and supporting the supply of Microsoft’s XGPU subscription:

    • Use your Xbox console serial number and provide it to Microsoft;
    • Share your XGPU subscription information with each other and Microsoft to confirm that you have activated, paused or cancelled the XGPU subscription; and
    • Will keep on record your XGPU subscription activation date.
  • Existing XGPU subscription: If you have an existing XGPU account, you won't need to cancel it. When you activate your subscription, as part of Xbox All Access with Spark, you can use your existing XGPU account details to login. All existing payment methods for XGPU will be paused while you're paying via your Spark bill (for up to 36 months). If you have time remaining in your existing XGPU membership, as long as it's less than 12 months, this will be available for you to use once your 24 months has ended with Spark. If you've prepaid more than 12 months you'll need to wait until there's only 12 months left before you activate your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with Spark.
  • TV: Game play requires a compatible TV (not included). A 4K TV and Series X console are required to access 4K features.