McAfee Security on Spark Account Terms

When McAfee Security is added to your Spark Broadband or Pay Monthly Mobile plan, we both agree to these Terms. That includes any updates made along the way.

What McAfee Security plans are available

  1. Included McAfee Security: This means Standard is included in the price of your pay monthly plan, you just need to activate it. 
  2. Add-on McAfee Security: This means Standard is available to be added to your pay monthly plan for $4.95 including GST p/m. 

What is included in McAfee Security

  1. Standard: Up to five device licences. You will need a separate licence for each device you want to protect. Find out more about Standard features  
  2. During your subscription period, features may change on Standard. Either Spark or McAfee will let you know of changes if they reasonably think you should be advised of them. 

Who is eligible

  1. Included McAfee Security is available on Spark's Everyday Wireless Plus, Max Wireless Plus, Essential Fibre Plus and Max Fibre Plus Broadband plans (with and without Landline). 
  2. Add-on McAfee Security can be purchased on eligible Spark broadband or mobile plans. Plans with Included McAfee Security are excluded from getting Add-on McAfee Security. 
  3. You can purchase a maximum of one Included or Add-on McAfee Security per eligible Spark broadband or mobile plan. 
  4. McAfee Security is not offered by Spark to Spark prepaid customers, ADSL and VDSL broadband customers or customers without an eligible Spark broadband or mobile plan.

Already a McAfee Security customer

  1. If you have an existing McAfee Security 12 or 24-month subscription with McAfee you cannot link this to your Spark account. To take up McAfee with Spark you'll need to use it with devices that do not have McAfee Security from McAfee on them. Alternatively, you can remove any existing McAfee software from your devices and re-install using the Spark activation process. Please see clause 14 for billing information in this situation. 


  1. The cost of Included McAfee Security on Standard is included within the plan. 
  2. You will be charged for Add-on McAfee Security  on your Spark account from the date you activate McAfee Security through Spark. Activation occurs when you download the McAfee software onto your device and/or create a McAfee Account though the Spark activation process.
  3. You will be charged for Add-on McAfee Security  each month on your renewal date until you cancel your McAfee Security or you’re no longer on an eligible Spark Plan (whether you or we change that). 
  4. You will be charged even if you have already brought McAfee Security directly from McAfee, and this means your billing periods may overlap. If you have months remaining on a 12 or 24month prepaid subscription with McAfee, you will not be refunded for any remaining months. 
  5. If Add-on McAfee Security is not activated before your first monthly renewal date, the monthly renewal will be cancelled, and you'll need to purchase it again. 

Access Type

  1. To use McAfee Security, you'll need to activate the service by completing Spark's McAfee Security activation process. This process requires you to log in to your MySpark online account or use the link provided in the McAfee activation SMS. Activation occurs when you download the McAfee software onto your device and/or create a McAfee Account. If you don't have a MySpark account, you must create one before you can activate.


  1. If you have Add-on McAfee Security on Standard and change to a Spark plan eligible for Included McAfee Security Standard, a new monthly billing period will begin immediately. You will be refunded any part month remaining.

Early Termination Fee

  1. You can cancel paying for Add-on McAfee Security through Spark in your MySpark account or by contacting Spark by message or phone. You won’t need to cancel through the McAfee website.
  2. If you cancel paying for Add-on McAfee Security or cease being on an eligible plan part-way through your monthly billing period, you will have access to McAfee Security until the end of that period and will not be refunded for a part month, but you won't be charged for it again.
  3. If you cease being on a Spark Plan eligible for Included McAfee Security, your McAfee Security will be cancelled from the date you cease being on this eligible plan. If you change to a plan eligible for Add-on McAfee Security, you can opt to retain Standard and pay the monthly fee. If you opt to retain Add-on McAfee Security a new billing period will begin immediately.  


  1. You'll continue to receive Included McAfee Security for the duration of your broadband plan. Your McAfee entitlement will end when terminated by you (for example, you leave Spark or move to another plan), or by Spark, in accordance with the Personal Terms.

Using the service

  1. Data usage incurred from using McAfee Security will count toward your broadband or mobile data allowance.
  2. McAfee Security is compatible with laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices but there may be differences in compatibility depending on your device. Check the McAfee Security website for information on which devices are compatible with McAfee Security. See the system requirements:


  1. You won't be eligible for any free trials offered directly by McAfee when purchasing McAfee from Spark.
  2. You won't be eligible for the Virus Protection Pledge (VPP) from McAfee when purchasing from Spark.
  3. You won't be eligible for refunds from McAfee when purchasing from Spark.

What terms apply

  1. Your McAfee Security is subject to the McAfee Security License Agreement and privacy policy. However, your purchase of a McAfee Security through your Spark mobile or broadband account is subject to Spark's Personal Terms and also these terms you're reading now (together the "Spark Terms"). If the McAfee terms relating to billing, payments and cancellations conflict with the Spark Terms, the Spark Terms will apply. View McAfee License Agreement here: 
    View McAfee Security Privacy Policy here:
    View Spark Personal Terms

Your personal information

  1. Spark and McAfee Security will use and share information in accordance with their privacy policies. Spark will share the name and email address registered to the Spark Plan with McAfee Security. We might also share billing information with McAfee Security. If an unpaid balance results in temporary or permanent credit disconnection with Spark, this will also result in disconnection of the McAfee Security.