Outage Assist terms

Outage Assist is intended to keep Spark broadband customers connected when your broadband or landline goes down as part of an area outage.

Outage Assist covers broadband and landline faults that impact your area due to network or service faults.


  1. Outage Assist is available to Spark personal and business customers on a Spark ADSL, VDSL or fibre broadband plan.
  2. Outage Assist is not available for Spark customers on Wireless Broadband plan, or Managed, Corporate, Enterprise or Government customers.

Which mobiles are included

  1. Eligible mobiles are:
    • Any Spark Pay Monthly mobile plan on the same account as the impacted broadband. These mobiles will have Outage Assist applied automatically.
    • You can also register additional mobiles for Outage Assist. These must be a Spark Pay Monthly or Spark Prepaid mobile plan.

What you'll get

  1. Eligible Mobiles receive a free Outage Assist extra that includes 14GB of data at full speed (followed by endless data at reduced speeds) and unlimited standard NZ calling and SMS.
  2. Data for use in NZ only and you can use it to hotspot.
  3. NZ calling is for standard person-to-person calls to standard NZ numbers (you need to be talking to another person). Excludes premium and special numbers.

How it works

  1. Outage Assist is activated automatically when we proactively identify an outage or fault. Outage Assist doesn’t apply to individual line faults and only applies to area outages.
  2. When Outage Assist is activated, Eligible Mobiles will receive a text notification advising of the outage.
  3. The Outage Assist Data is additional to any data allowance within the base mobile plan, extra or Prepaid Value Pack.
  4. The Outage Assist Data will be used first before any other plan or Pack allowance.
  5. The Outage Assist extra is only available until 11:59 pm on the day the outage is marked as resolved by Spark; after this time, it will be automatically removed from your mobile.
  6. The Outage Assist extra will automatically renew after seven days if the outage is not resolved up to a maximum of three renewals.


  1. The Outage Assist extra cannot be applied to a mobile that is suspended, barred due to unpaid bills, reported as lost or stolen, or has an open order or request (such as you’ve asked to cancel your mobile plan, or you’ve ordered a new phone) within Spark systems.
  2. Outage Assist is intended to keep you connected when your broadband goes down due to a broadband and/or landline area outage that impacts multiple people in your area, due to a fault with the network or Spark’s service. It will not apply for situations outside this definition, including but not limited to
    •  Issues with your modem
    • Issues with your home wiring
    • A broadband fault that just impacts you or you and your neighbours
    • Your broadband connection has been suspended or disconnected due to an unpaid bill
    • You are changing to another provider, and the new connection is delayed
    • You are waiting for broadband to become available at your address
  3. Outage Assist may be withheld from some or all Eligible mobiles if application and use of the Outage Assist notification or extra could adversely impact the Spark Mobile network due to factors including, but not limited to, geographic conditions and physical obstructions, weather conditions, the number of people trying to use our Network at the same time, the capacity of the network or faults in our Network or other networks used by us to provide the Services to you, as well as our Services’ reliance on systems and other services that we do not own or control. For example, Outage Assist may not be applied during an adverse weather event in order to protect our network.
  4. Outage Assist may be unavailable at times due to maintenance, repairs, upgrades or modifications to our Network or other networks used by us to provide the Services to you.
  5. For Consumer customers, Spark's Personal Terms apply, including 
  6. For our SME customers, the business terms apply, including the Business General Terms.