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Report a scam

Important: If you’ve been scammed, there are some immediate steps you should take to protect yourself. 

Find out what to do if you've been scammed

Report email scams

If the email impersonates Spark or was sent to your Xtra Mail: 

  • Select the email then click ‘forward as an attachment’.  Note: Please don’t click the normal ‘forward’ button as this is slightly different and the email will likely be blocked by our systems.
  • The scam email should show up as an attachment on a new, blank email.
  • Send this new email, with the attachment, to

For any other scam emails: 

For email scams sent to a non-Xtra Mail address or that don’t impersonate Spark, please contact your email provider. 

Report phone or text scams


Not sure it's a scam?

  • If you’re ever in doubt, end the call or report the email, then delete it.
  • You can always contact the company direct using the number listed on their website. They should be able to check whether the communication you received was legitimate.
  • If you’ve received an email, call or text that appears to be from Spark, you can always check by getting in touch with us. We’ll take a look at your account and let you know whether there’s anything you need to do. 

What will Spark do about it?

When you report a scam to Spark, we'll investigate it and block the number or sender if possible. We may also be able to get any associated scam websites taken down.  

If the scam is not similar to those already on the scam alerts page, we'll also add it to the scam alerts page to warn others. See current scam alerts

Spark works with other New Zealand telcos to fight scammers. You can read more about this work on the NZ Telecommunications Forum website. Go to TCF article

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