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Ask about your personal information

In this page you can learn how to update your own personal information, access and correct information Spark holds about you and make general privacy enquiries.

Manage your personal information with Spark

You can view, manage and update a lot of your Spark account information using MySpark online, the Spark app or by getting in touch with us.  

For example, you can use MySpark to: 

  • Change your contact details, products and services 
  • Update your payment methods and plan extras 
  • Set account preferences, such as your directory listing status or marketing preferences 
  • View your account number 
  • View and query your Spark bills 
  • View your usage information, such as data used 
  • Manage who can use MySpark or the app to view, manage or buy on your Spark account. Please note, changes made to this setting in MySpark won’t change who has authority on your Spark account.

Some things, such as managing your bills or tracking your usage, can be done through the Spark app. Or do any of it, plus manage your account authorities and more, by getting in touch with us. 

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Access and correct other personal information Spark holds about you

Some information about you isn’t readily available through MySpark, the Spark app or when you get in touch with our call centre teams. But you can still request to access it and have it corrected. For example, you can ask us for copies of phone numbers you’ve called or your historic billing records.  

Spark’s Call Investigation Centre manages these requests. Just fill out our personal information request form and our Call Investigations Centre will be in touch.


Request information that Spark holds about me

Request information that Spark holds about someone else

Alternatively, you can write to the Spark Investigations Centre, PO Box 550, Wellington 6011.  


What will happen next? 

Someone from Spark’s Call Investigations Centre will be in touch to: 

  • Confirm your request and verify your identity.  
  • Discuss any charges that may apply. For example, the courier costs (if applicable) to send requested information to you. 

Spark has 20 working days to respond to your request. If it will take us longer than that to process your request, we’ll get in touch to explain why and to let you know when you can expect a response to your request. 

If we need to transfer your request to another organisation, and you’ve indicated you’re happy for this to happen, then we’ll do that and update you within 10 business days.  

If you’ve told us your request is urgent, we’ll aim to prioritise it and get back to you as soon as we can. 

We’ll do our best to fulfil your request. But we may not fulfil all or part your request if we have grounds to refuse the request under applicable law, including the Privacy Act 2020. For example, if: 

  • We don’t have the information that your request relates to, or it’s not readily available despite reasonable efforts to locate it.  
  • We believe your request could compromise someone else’s privacy through the unwarranted disclosure of their affairs. 

If we can’t fulfil all or part of your request, we’ll be in touch to explain why. 


If you’re a Prepaid customer 

If you’re a Prepaid customer, we’ll need a statutory declaration to confirm your identity.

You can use the Spark Mobile Information Request Authorisation form for this. You can download it from the link below, then fill it out and sign it with someone authorised to undertake statutory declarations. For example, a Justice of the Peace or lawyer. 

Download the Spark Mobile Information Request Authorisation form


Will Spark have the personal information I’m after? 

We generally only keep your personal information for as long as we need it, in connection with its original purpose. Once we don’t need it anymore, we delete it or we anonymise it. When this happens, we can’t recover it for you or link it to you. For example: 

  • We keep text messages for about a month 
  • We delete voicemail messages after a year 
  • We keep billing records for seven years 

For general enquiries about privacy at Spark, please email

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