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Keep your information safe on your phone

There are some things you can do to protect your personal information when using your landline or mobile phone.

Hide your number

  • Hide your number is a free service that lets you keep your number hidden when you make phone calls.
  • It means the person you’re calling won’t see your number come up on their phone.
  • You can choose to hide your number from all calls you make or selected calls only.
  • This service doesn’t hide your number from 111 Emergency Services or Spark.
  • To hide your number for your landline, you'll need to sign into MySpark or Message us:

Caller display

  • Caller display lets you see the number of the person calling you, before you answer the phone.
  • It won’t show numbers from callers using Hide your number.
  • Caller display costs $3.99 per month with a copper landline or comes free with a wireless or fibre landline.
  • Learn more about Caller Display

Save important voicemail messages

Your Spark voicemail messages will be kept for a year. After that, they will expire and you won’t be able to access them anymore. You can save voicemail messages for longer using the ‘Share’ option in the Spark Voicemail app on your mobile phone.

If you're on a Pay Monthly mobile plan, the app is free as part of your plan. If you're on a Prepaid mobile plan, you'll need to buy the $1 Voicemail Unlimited extra prior to activating the app.

Learn more about the Spark Voicemail app

Save voicemail messages on landline

You can save voicemail messages from your landline for up to one year by pressing 2. To save voicemail messages for longer than one year:

  • Use a recording device to record the message. Then you can store the message somewhere safe, such as your cloud backup or computer
  • Forward the message to your mobile phone’s voicemail mailbox by pressing 5. From there you can save the message for a longer period of time

Unwanted calls or messages


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