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Your privacy at Spark

At Spark, our approach to privacy is based on principles of customer centricity, fairness, transparency, autonomy and simplicity. We also work hard to protect personal information from unauthorised access. 

Spark encourages and equips all its people to respect and protect customer privacy. Spark also has privacy specialists, including the Digital Trust team, led by the Lead Digital Trust Partner (Spark’s Privacy Officer) and based in the Legal Centre of Excellence. This team lead Spark’s privacy programme and support Spark people with tools and training to help ensure everyone follows our Privacy Policy.

Spark’s privacy programme includes:

These help safeguard customer information throughout business activities. For example:

  • Designing new products and services. Privacy is a key tenet in the design of new products and services at Spark. Spark equips its people with tools to help them make decisions that line up with our Privacy Policy. New products and services with greater privacy and security design requirements are assessed by Spark’s Legal, Digital Trust and Security teams.
  • Managing personal information requests. Spark customers can request copies of their information. Spark’s Call investigation Centre (CIC) manages these requests.
  • Privacy complaints. Our privacy complaints process enables customers to raise any issues with us. Read the Privacy Complaints Process 
  • Data breach reporting. We work hard to foster a culture where Spark people feel safe reporting any possible privacy issues or data breaches. This means breaches can surface and be dealt with quickly and effectively. To make this easy for our people, we have a dedicated Data Breach Register where breaches can be reported and managed. We also have an Honesty Box where any privacy issues can be reported anonymously. Where a data breach has potential to compromise the privacy or safety of our customers, we directly notify those concerned and work to reduce any potential impact as much as possible. We also comply with the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020.

Spark people must complete privacy training when they join Spark. Our people can also voluntarily retrain, as often as needed. Customer services teams have extra privacy training specific to their tools. Internal communications campaigns remind Spark people of our privacy obligations. Spark people can also access Privacy Act summaries, policies, processes and how-to guides. For example, our Spark Policy Playbook includes a section on data and privacy. This helps make our privacy policy more easily actionable for our people.

We offer a range of tools and services to help customers stay safe and manage their privacy and security. These can be found in our Privacy and Online Safety centre. They include things like guidance for families, security tools, privacy settings, tips for protecting your information and what to do if you think you’ve been scammed.

From time to time, Spark contacts customers directly to tell them about choices they have with their information. At times we also run campaigns and hold events aimed at helping customers protect themselves online.

Go to the scams & safety centre

Read more about your privacy choices

Privacy at Spark is supported by one of the largest teams of certified security professionals in New Zealand. Spark's Security Operations Centre is a team of over forty cyber security experts, who work around the clock to keep Spark’s and our customers’ data safe.

In addition, access to customer information at Spark is restricted to only those who need to access it as part of their role. We also actively encourage customers to use unique passwords and PINs, and to keep these secure.

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