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Hear what kind of call you're getting

Phone and fax machine on the same line? With Faxability there's no confusion about where a call is heading. Your fax machine not only gets its own number – it also gets a special ring tone. So you know immediately who the call is for.

This product is not available on a Fibre based landline.

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This product is not available on Wireless Broadband or Wireless Landline.

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The Nitty Gritty

Your fax machine recognises the ring and immediately accepts the fax message.

And you're not interrupting a fax's transmission because you think it's a phone call.

You just need a compatible fax machine for it to work.

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Want to know more about Faxability? Call us on *123 or 0800 800 123, Monday-Sunday, 8am-8pm.

  • Faxability requires a compatible fax machine and is not available in all areas.
  • Usual local, national and international charges apply for all outgoing calls.
  • You cannot make a phone call and send a fax at the same time.
  • Spark requires 30 days' notice of cancellation of this Smartphone service. This means the usual charges will continue to apply for 30 days after the date you cancel your service, even if it is disconnected within that period.
  • Please note that in some cases this service may not be available or is limited due to network constraints and incompatibility with other products and services.