Spark IoT connectivity solutions are now supporting 5G capabilities.

As the deployment of 5G mobile coverage increases around New Zealand, Spark IoT connectivity solutions has now enabled support for 5G capabilities. Those needing high bandwidth mobile connectivity solutions and are wanting to benefit from the advantages of 5G, now have the option to future proof their IoT gateways choices.

The availability of 5G Gateways such as the Sierra Wireless XR80 or XR90 are specifically targeted as high-performance, multi-network vehicle gateways for industries like transit, rail, and emergency services. This means there is availability to utilise the latest cellular technology to support complex mobile requirements. Industry reports indicate a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 14.4% growth with total market size reaching 7.2 million units by 2025, as businesses look to migrate or adopt 5G services to solve mobile connectivity issues.

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5G in the fifth generation of wireless technology. It has the potential to bring super-fast downloads, minimal latency, massive connectivity and outstanding reliability. 5G could open up huge possibilities for business and the way we live.

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