Join David Inggs, CEO and Co-founder of Rocos, as part of this month’s Spotlight Series on Automation.

We’re at the dawn of the golden age of robotics, where autonomous robots are being used to automate the physical world across a range of industries. But to use robots effectively, you need to bridge the gap between digital and physical processes — which requires a platform to integrate robots with your existing systems, delegate jobs to your robotic workforce, and monitor and optimize performance.

Some of the benefits these autonomous robotics enable include increased productivity, reduction in physical harm and more efficient business operations.

The proliferation of robotics is not without challenges. How will businesses manage growing robotic fleets? What technologies exist to support scale? And what pitfalls should you avoid in automating the physical world.

Join David Inggs as he answers these questions and more! David will introduce the Rocos Robot Operations platform and discuss how to securely and safely connect, monitor, and control robot fleets. This game-changing technology could fundamentally enhance business operations through physical automation. This is one session you don’t want to miss.

This webinar was recorded on 25 August, 2021


About David Inggs

David Inggs is the CEO and Co-founder of Rocos. His passion for commercialising innovation in nascent industries around the globe, sees him currently leading a team of technologists in the world of cloud robotics.

David has a deep technical background in high-load, high-scale cloud platforms, mobile, IoT, and robotics solutions, and is excited about a world where autonomous robotics elevate what humanity is capable of.



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