Spark Call Screen


Call Screen cordless phone

Spark Call Screen Cordless Phone Twin Handset

Premium cordless phone with nuisance call screening, answer machine and bluetooth contact sync.

Get your privacy back and only talk to people you want to.

Call Screen automatically prompts unknown callers to record their name before your phone even rings. This blocks most annoying calls because scammers, unwanted business callers and auto-dialling machines either can’t or won’t record their name. This means your phone won't ring.

If the caller records their name it's announced when you answer, so you can decide to accept or block the call. You can have peace of mind that you're in control.

  • Your saved contacts ring straight through to you
  • Works on all types of home phone lines
  • Easy guided set up    
  • One touch call blocking
  • Sync your contact numbers from your mobile
  • Backlit keypad with big keys for easy use
  • Speakerphone
  • Answerphone with message indicator light
  • Caller Display
  • Do not disturb mode for when you want some quiet time 


Call Screen twin handset - black  $139.99

Call Screen additional handset - black  $79.99