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Set up broadband usage alerts

Keep track of how much data you're using on your broadband plan. Find out how to set up broadband usage alerts.

Broadband usage alerts

  • You'll need to be a Spark mobile customer to sign up for text alerts. You can get email alerts if you're not a Spark mobile customer.

On Unplan

  • If you're on Unplan you can get alerts when you reach each price tier.
  • Once you reach the third price tier, this will remain your price until you start your next month.

On other plans

  • On other plans you can get an email or text if you reach 80% and 100% of your monthly data limit. You'll also get a message when you use 5GB and 50GB over your monthly limit.
  • When you reach your limit, we'll add more data to your account, and add a charge to your next bill. Find out more

Set up or change usage alerts

  1. Sign in to MySpark. This will take you to the Broadband settings section.
  2. Select Edit, next to Usage notifcations.
  3. Select the toggle if you want to turn notifications on/off for either email or text.
  4. To set up notifications, type in your email address and/or Spark mobile number.
  5. Select Add.
  6. Select Close.

Note: You can add up to five email addresses or Spark mobile numbers. The usage meter updates every hour.

Learn what uses broadband data

  • Streaming low-quality video can use around 300MB per hour.
  • Software updates can use a lot of data.
  • Watch how much data your kids are using.
  • Online gaming can use 5MB or 100MB per hour, depending on the game.
  • File sharing uses a lot of data.
  • Watch out for hackers and viruses as they can use a lot of data if they get into your computer. The Spark Security Suite helps keep your computer safe. Find out more
  • Sending or receiving emails with large attachments can use a lot of data.
  • If your wireless internet isn't secure, anyone can connect and use your data.
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