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Set up a Fibre landline

Set up a fibre landline by connecting to the Optical Network Terminal or through Integrated Wiring.

Connect a Fibre landline

There are two possible ways to connect your Fibre landline in your home:

  1. If integrated wiring was done, you can connect phones to existing jackpoints. If you have medical or monitored alarms plugged in, integrated wiring is the best option for you. 
  2. If integrated wiring was not done, you can connect one phone to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). This would be installed by your Local Fibre Company. It's good for a smaller home, but it does mean your existing phone jacks won’t work any more. 

You can order a fibre landline with Spark. Order a fibre landline

Option one: Connect to Integrated Wiring

If you have a face plate near your ONT then you have Integrated Wiring. This means you can plug your phone into a jackpoint and it will work like a copper landline.

  1. Locate the face plate next to your ONT
  2. Unplug the cable from the right-most port (2) on the face plate. It will be the smaller end.
  3. Plug the cable into the POTS1 port of the ONT
  4. Wait a few minutes to allow the change to take effect before trying out your phones. Do not restart or power off the ONT
  5. All your phones should be up and running. 

Fibre landline includes voicemail service on Connector and Premium packs only. It may not be necessary to also have voicemail on your landline handset. It’s also important to note that your landline over fibre runs on electricity.

It's a good idea to have a mobile phone or Uninterruptible Power Supply in case of power outages. Stay connected in a power cut

Option two: Connect to the Optical Network Terminal

  1. Use the grey phone cable that came with your modem 
  2. Plug the grey cord into the back of your phone handset or base station 
  3. Plug the other end of the grey cable into the first phone port of the ONT. This will be labelled POTS1 or TEL1 
  4. Your phone should be working. 

If problems persist, try these steps to resolve the issue

If you have integrated wiring and no dial tone
Plug your phone into the ONT port labeled POTS1

If you can make calls but cannot receive calls
Please chat with us on Live Chat

If you are unable to make calls
Please follow these steps Fix my landline

If all else fails please contact our faults team on 0800 22 55 98