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Your privacy: your choices and rights

Your choices

You can make choices about your privacy through preference settings in our apps or on your device. Please note that limiting the information we receive can affect how we interact with you and your experiences of our products and services

Cookies and similar technologies

Cookies and similar technologies let us remember your preferences and tailor our content to your interests. They are usually enabled by default.  Most web browsers and mobile device settings will allow you to disable them or set limits on how they work, manage settings for advertising preferences and manage opt-outs.  

Read more about how to turn cookies off in: 

Read more about how to turn advertising identifiers off on: 

Access to photos and images 

If you choose to upload a photo or image (such as a profile picture) to any Spark website, social media page or app, you may be choosing to give us access to your camera, photo library or both. 

We will only store the photos or images you choose to upload. You can also remove this access through your device settings once you are done uploading.

Deleting social sign-on information 

You can choose to have your social sign-on information deleted from your Spark app and MySpark online account. To do this, just message us. We’ll help you set up an account login that uses an email address and password, instead of social sign-on.

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Closing your Spark app and MySpark online account

You can ask us to close your Spark app and MySpark online account by messaging us.  

When this is done, you won’t be able to log in, view or manage your Spark services using the Spark app or MySpark online. We’ll delete your account login information (including any information enabling social sign-on) the name you go by in the app and some preference information, such as your profile photo and the names you gave any linked products. 

Your Spark account and the products and services you have with us will remain unchanged. You can also open a new Spark app or MySpark online account at any time.

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Location information settings

On your device, you can set permissions about location information we receive about you through settings on social media platforms, your device and via our website and apps. 

Read more about how to manage location information on: 

Promotional communications

You can unsubscribe from marketing communications. You can also decide the ways you’d like to receive offers and promotions from us. 

Read more about how to manage your communications from Spark

Opt-out of all promotional messages using Messaging

Opt-out of promotional emails using MySpark

If you’ve chosen to share your location with us and to receive marketing information, we may provide you with information about in-store and Spark Arena events or other special promotions near you. You can make choices about this sort of location information use through settings on social media platforms, your device and via our website or apps. When signing up, you can opt in by ticking the box if you want to receive exclusive offers and other marketing and promotions from us and our partners.

Directory listings

With your permission - your name, address and Spark telephone number(s) are made available to directory providers such as the Yellow and White Pages.  

You may choose a directory listing status and other options for your landline or mobile number that suits you, for example you may choose not to have one.   

Read more about your directory listing status and options, and how to manage them

You can check and update your directory listing in MySpark or by messaging us

Use of anonymised, aggregated mobile location data by Qrious

Qrious, a company that Spark wholly owns, uses large sets of anonymised aggregated mobile location data collected by Spark to provide insights to other organisations. 

For example, there are often 6000 people in region ‘A’ at 1pm on Saturdays.  

You can choose to have your anonymised mobile location data excluded from these large data sets by emailing us with your mobile number at

Personalising your Spark experiences 

Data sharing to personalise your online Spark experiences 

We may share and receive some information about you with social media and advertising providers (e.g. Facebook/Meta and Google) and customer insights providers to help us personalise your experience of Spark across our and others' platforms, websites and apps. 

Learn more about how we collect your personal information

Learn more about how we share your personal information

You can opt-out of data sharing to personalise your online Spark experiences. Find the opt-out form here

If you opt-out, we will still partner with customer insights providers to understand your preferences, and you may still see ads and other information from us, but it may be less relevant to you. 

Some social media and advertising providers allow you to adjust your privacy settings on those platforms. Read more about how these services are provided by Facebook/Meta and Google, and your options with them:

Go to Facebook account privacy settings 

View Google Ads Help Centre

Go to Google account privacy settings

Household View 

We may use information we collect about you and those you live with, to form a view of your household. This lets us provide you with products, services and offers that we think are most relevant to your needs. For example, offers that save you money based on the size of your household. 

Learn more about how we collect your personal information

Learn more about how we use your personal information

You can opt out of having information about you linked to your household. If you opt out, we may still hold information about your household that you expressly provide to us. Find the opt-out form here

MySpark and Messaging

You can take control of your account by using MySpark on the Spark website and in the Spark app. It allows you to make some choices about your personal information. It also lets you do other useful things like viewing your bill, checking your mobile usage and changing plan options.  

Messaging also lets you make choices about your personal information and you can contact us about requests or queries you may have. 

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Messaging on third party platforms (e.g. Facebook)

When you choose to message Spark from a third-party platform, such as Facebook, the nature of these platforms means that the platform provider you use may have visibility of any personal information shared in the chat. Please refer to the third party’s privacy policy. For example, see Facebook privacy policy

Accessing and correcting your personal information 

Some information about you isn’t readily available through MySpark, the Spark app or when you get in touch with our call centre teams. But you can still request to access it and have it corrected. For example, you can ask us for copies of phone numbers you’ve called or your historic billing records.  

Spark’s Call Investigation Centre manages these requests. Just fill out our personal information request form and our Call Investigations Centre will be in touch.


Request information that Spark holds about me

Request information that Spark holds about someone else

Alternatively, you can write to the Spark Investigations Centre, PO Box 550, Wellington 6011.  

Find out more about accessing and correcting your personal information

Making a privacy complaint 

If you have any concerns that your privacy has been compromised in any way, please let us know. 

How to contact us

If you have general feedback or questions about this policy, or your privacy and rights, please email us at