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How we collect your personal information

We collect your information in three ways:

  • You give it to us, for example when you set up an account with us, when you communicate using our products or services, contact our call centre, message us, or enter a competition.
  • We obtain it from others, for example:
    • Loyalty program partners
    • Credit reference agencies
    • Other product and service providers
    • Information aggregators or curators
    • Social media and advertising partners
    • Customer insights providers
    • Publicly available sources like census data or real estate listings
We only collect data from trusted providers and only if it’s lawful or they confirm they have permission to share it.
  • It is created by us or by a technological process when you use our products or services. For example, location information generated when your mobile phone connects to a mobile phone tower or from the cookies stored on your device when you visit our websites.

    We may also: 
    • Create new information about you by combining your information. This could include combining your information with data we have obtained from social media, advertising and customer insights providers.
    • Form a view of your household from your address information and information about the location and online interactions of other people and you (“Household View”).


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