We want to help New Zealand families utilise technology, while overcoming any challenges, as we grow together in a digital world. We've gathered a range of information and tools to help you find what's
right for your family.

At home

Whether it is brushing their teeth or eating their vegetables, all good habits start at home. And small steps at home are just as helpful when it comes to developing positive digital habits that last a lifetime. 

  • Familiarise yourself with parental controls 
  • Support discussions around adult content
  • Understand social media platforms and advice for parents
  • Set up family guidelines and agreements

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At school

Technology plays a huge role in how we work and socialise. School is a great learning ground. Kids can be equipped with knowledge to reach success while building safe relationships.

  • Learn tips for device use
  • Understand the ins and outs of cyberbullying
  • Find out more about healthy online relationships

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On the go

Growing up is all about finding a balance between independence and support as kids navigate their way in the world. 



  • Discover ways to keep in touch
  • Explore options for your child's first device
  • Uncover privacy settings and recommendations

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Staying safe online

McAfee Security with Spark helps keep you safer online, wherever you go. Protect up to 5 compatible devices, with Antivirus, Web Protection and Secure VPN features. 

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