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5G Spark Smart Modem - How to connect your devices to WiFi

Learn how to set up WiFi on your devices using the 5G Spark Smart Modem.

WiFi security key

To ensure the protection of your WiFi network, your modem comes with a preconfigured security key. This key is your WiFi password. Only devices that have connected with this security key will have access to your WiFi network. The security key can be found on the bottom of your modem.

Note: You can change the preset security key. If your security key has been updated, and you don't know what it is, you can factory reset your modem to restore the default security key.

Connect your devices to WiFi

From your devices WiFi menu select the Wi-Fi name (SSID) which will be in the format SPARK-XXXXXX, then enter the WiFi password to connect.

Note: You can find the default WiFi name and password located underneath the modem. You will need these details each time you set up a new device, so make sure the modem is easily accessible or you have the details somewhere handy

You are now connected to your WiFi network. We recommend testing your WiFi by going to your favourite websites.

Connect your wired devices to the modem

Connect one end of the yellow ethernet cable to the modem's Ethernet port and the other to your device's Ethernet port.

For a higher throughput connection, connect to the blue 2.5 Gigabit Fibre/Ethernet port on the modem.

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