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Spark Smart Modem - How to connect your landline

Learn how you can set up and connect your telephone landline using the Spark Smart Modem.

Connecting your Fibre landline

There are two ways in which you can connect your landline on a Fibre connection. Instructions have been provided below for both methods.

  1. If you have integrated wiring. Locate a jackpoint within your home and plug your phone directly into the jackpoint.
  2. If you don't have integrated wiring. From your Fibre box (ONT), plug your phone into the Fibre box's phone port. The phone port can be labelled "POTS1", "TEL", or "TEL1".

How to check if you have integrated wiring

  1. On your Fibre box (ONT), check if there is a cable already plugged into the phone port (POTS1).
  2. If the cable is connected to a jackpoint or another device, this means that integrated wiring has been installed.

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