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Track my Fibre broadband order

When you place an order with Spark, you can use the order tracker to check the progress of your order.

Go to the order tracker

You'll need to sign in to MySpark to view your order.  

You can also find the tracker by clicking the link in your order confirmation email. It's also under the Fibre and fault tracker menu in the Spark app.

Track my Fibre order

Here are some of the things the order tracker offers:

  • If you get a new modem delivered, you can click Track & Trace to follow it on CourierPost.
  • At each step in the process, there's a link with more information.
  • You can message our team for more help. Message us

Chorus orders

If Chorus is your LFC, the tracker shows more events:

  • When your scope and installation appointments are confirmed, you'll see the dates in the tracker.
  • You can reschedule these appointments in the tracker, which will let Chorus know.
  • You can monitor your order through each of the stages, such as consents and build, through to the final step when Fibre is connected to your property.
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