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Learn about unwanted calls & texts

If you're getting calls or text messages that you consider to be harassing or annoying, find out what you can do.

Taking action against unwanted calls and text messages

  • Log all calls or texts by making a note of the date, time and how long any calls last.
  • Make notes on whether the caller is male or female, their age, any accent or if there's any background noise.
  • Make a list of people you know who may be making the calls.
  • Consider making your telephone number unavailable through directory services (018).

If the bullying persists

  • Call us on *123 from your mobile and we can change your number.
  • Tell us the dates and times of bullying messages or calls over the last seven days using our Nuisance call form. View form
  • Report severe bullying, especially if the bully is threatening to harm, to the police.

Unwanted or scam calls

  • If you think you're getting scam calls, or calls you find unusual, fill out the Nuisance call form. View form
  • You can find the latest scams on the Department of Internal Affairs website. Go to website
  • If you think you got a scam call, you can let us know by emailing

When to call the police

Some abusive calls or texts may be a criminal offence. If you feel threatened, contact your local police station for advice. A call of a serious nature may include:

  • A threat to kill or injure someone.
  • A threat to damage property.
  • Explicit language, behaviour or pictures.
  • Calls that may breach a protection order.

What happens when you make a complaint to Spark

  • Spark contacts the offending phone number and advises them of the complaint.
  • We tell them that these calls and texts could be illegal. We also tell them they're breaching the Spark terms and conditions.
  • If the calls continue, we may issue a formal warning. We may issue a temporary disconnection of their service. In serious instances, we may involve the police.
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