Basic Wireless Broadband

40GB data

Get 40GB of data for $45/month. Need more? Buy an extra 10GB for $10.


Get a Wireless Landline connection with free local calling.

Open term

Join Basic Wireless on open term. Termination requires 30 days notice.

Is Basic Wireless Broadband right for me?

Basic Wireless is perfect for the following:

  • Checking emails
  • Surfing the web
  • Browsing social media
  • Light video streaming*
  • A landline connection, with a small amount of data
  • Single or small households which don’t use much data

*40GB of data will give you up to 13 hours per month of High Definition Netflix streaming (or up to 40 hours if you switch to Standard Definition). Or you could watch up to 21 hours of YouTube at High Definition (80 hours at Standard Definition).

Get connected.

Basic Wireless is ideal for surfing the web, streaming occasional shows, and keeping in touch with friends on social media.

Get set up.

Getting set up is easy with Wireless. Just plug in and go.
There are no cables, and no waiting around for technicians. 

Important things to know. 

Copper landline. 

Wireless doesn't come with a copper landline. Some equipment and services using your current landline may not work on Wireless, such as phones for the hearing and sight impaired, and phones used for other disabilities or conditions. 

Wireless landline. 

Wireless landline requires power to operate. During a power outage you won't be able to use the landline to call emergency services. We recommend having a charged mobile phone handy for emergencies.

Staying connected. 

If you're concerned about staying connected, or someone in your household relies on a landline for medical, safety or disability reasons, get in touch. 





Read the terms and conditions for Basic Wireless Broadband. This is also known as the offer summary.

Basic Wireless Broadband Terms / Offer Summary

Data usage calculated based on the following: 

  • Netflix Streaming in SD: 1GB/hr @ 40 hours/mth = 40GB 
  • YouTube streaming in SD: 0.5GB/hr @ 80 hours/mth = 40GB 
  • Social media: Average 40 mins/day @ 2MB/min = 2GB/mth 
  • Web browsing/Email: Average 38 hours/mth @ 2.5MB/min = 6GB/mth