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Can't access Xtra Mail

Can't access Xtra Mail? Find out how to solve problems relating to access to Xtra Mail.

To see if your account is working, try logging into Webmail with your email address and password at:

Did it work?

If you can access your Xtra account via Webmail, the problem may be with the app you're using.

You'll need to get in touch with the software vendor (eg, Microsoft, Apple) or you can contact Spark's Tech Wizards for help.

There may be a problem with your internet connection. On the device you're trying to access your Xtra Mail with, can you open other websites such as


Check the outages map

Do you see an outage for your area?

  • If you see an outage, sit tight, the techs are onto it. You can regularly check the outage map for updates.

There may be an outage, but it hasn't been reported yet. Or there could be a problem with your modem. What would you like to do?


Ah, your internet is working so there may be another problem. What's happening?

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