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Can't send email or receive emails

Can't send or receive emails? If you're having trouble sending emails or receiving emails, here's some steps you can try.

Check internet connection

Ensure that you have a stable and active internet connection. Try accessing other websites to confirm if your internet connection is working properly. If not, troubleshoot your internet connection. Fix my connection

Send yourself a test email

  1. Sign in to your webmail account.
  2. Send yourself a test email by entering your Xtra Mail email address in the "To" field.
  3. Refresh your inbox and check if you received the email.
  4. If the email doesn't arrive within 10 minutes, review your mail forwarding and email filtering rules. Access these settings by clicking on the Settings icon located on the top right of your screen and selecting E-mail.
  5. If no rules are set up, there may be an issue with the webmail server. Check for any outages or message us

Verify email settings

If you can send and receive emails through webmail but encounter issues when using an email application like Outlook, Mail or Gmail, check the settings in your email application to ensure they're configured correctly. Additionally, if you've recently reset your password, make sure that you've updated it for both the incoming and outgoing email servers. Pay close attention to the following details:

  • Incoming and outgoing server settings (IMAP, POP, or SMTP)
  • Port numbers
  • SSL/TLS encryption settings
  • Username and password

Go to Xtra Mail email settings

Still experiencing issues sending or receiving emails with Xtra Mail? Message us

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