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Pocket Guide to Fibre

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Knowing a bit about your place means we can make this guide more relevant to you.

1.Where is your fibre going?

  • A house with a private driveway
  • A house with a shared driveway
  • An apartment, townhouse or unit, with a body corporate
  • A gated community or retirement village

2.Are you renting or owning?

  • I own it and live in it
  • I own it and rent it out
  • I'm a tenant and I rent it

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Your Steps to Fibre MORE

Welcome to our Guide.

This guide tells you what’s going to happen, how long it will take and what you need to do at each step of the journey.

To get started, just choose the step you're at below.

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Just ordered

We’ve got your order and we’re preparing for your installation.

Agree the plan

Meeting the installer to plan your installation is the single most important thing you'll do!

Install outside

Now that you have a plan in place, it's time to connect the fibre from the street to your house.

Connect inside

Now that fibre's connected outside, its time to finish the job inside.

Setup & go

Now that your Spark Ultra Fibre is connected, let’s talk about getting the best performance.