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Transfer services to or from Spark

Find out what you need to do to transfer services between two different service providers.

Transfer to Spark from another service provider

To bring your mobile, landline or broadband service to our network, it must be active with your current service provider. Message us or call 0800 300 015 to arrange transfer of your services from your current service provider.

Message us

  1. Supply Spark with the following information:
    • The name of your current service provider.
    • Your name and contact phone number. You must be the authorised account holder to make changes with your existing service provider.
    • For Pay Monthly mobile, landline or broadband services we'll need your current account number.
    • For a Prepaid mobile we'll need your SIM ID. You can find this on the back of your SIM card or on the original SIM card packaging.
    • If you're using an eSIM, we'll need your ICCID number. This can be found in your phone settings (steps may vary depending on your device make and model):
      • iPhone: Go to Settings > General > About > ICCID

        Note: If you tap ICCID, it may switch to CSN. Tap again to view the ICCID.
      • Android: Go to Settings > About or About Device > IMEI information
      • Your ICCID number is between the first two digits (89) and the last digit. It's a 16 digit number beginning with 64. This is your Spark SIM card number.
    • The services you are transferring to Spark.
    • The date that you wish to transfer your services to Spark. We recommend you consider the notice period with your previous provider when deciding this. If you don't know your notice period you’ll need to ask your current service provider.
  2. Check any outstanding terms and fees with your current service provider.
    • Check whether you are still within any contract or notice periods for your existing services. Find out whether any early exit fees might apply.
    • Some of your current services may not be like-for-like with Spark services. You may need to discuss with your current service provider what to do with any services, discounts or benefits that you cannot transfer to Spark.
    • We will ask you to confirm you understand your obligations with your existing provider.
  3. Authorise the transfer.
    • As the approved account holder with your current service provider, you will need to give consent to transfer your services.
    • As the approved account holder with Spark, you will need to agree to the terms, conditions and contracts for your new Spark services.
    • For mobile number porting orders:
    • You will receive a mobile port confirmation text from 2542 to your existing SIM card within 15 minutes of submitting your order. This extra layer of security prompts you to approve the request by responding with a “Yes” or Y”. You must do this within two hours of receiving the text message, for the order to complete.  The message will read:
      • “ACTION REQUIRED: We have received a request to move your mobile [Numberxxx] to another provider. To proceed reply YES to this message within 2 hours. If you didn't request the move then reply NO, or ignore this message and it will be cancelled. From NZ Telecommunications Forum (TCF)"
    • If you have ordered a SIM card, the mobile confirmation text may take up to 48 hours. It will be sent between 8am to 5pm.
    • If you do not respond with approval within two hours of receiving the text message, the order will be cancelled.
    • If you are entering this on behalf of an employee, it is your responsibility to ensure they are aware of the mobile port confirmation text. They will need to respond with approval within two hours of receiving the text message before we can complete the order.
  1. We will get in touch with your current provider to verify the information you have provided.
  2. If the information is correct, they will approve the transfer.
  3. If they have different information, we may contact you to check your details.
  4. Once all the information is confirmed as correct, your transfer will take place on the agreed date.
  • The transfer date needs to allow enough time for approvals from your current service provider as well as having a modem sent to you if you need one.
  • You do not need to request a disconnection with your current provider. For the transfer to complete, we need your service to be active. There may be delays if your current provider has an open request to make changes to or disconnect your services.
  • We can schedule a specific date to complete the transfer. The date can be up to 30 days from the date of the initial request.
  • When you change service provider you will get a final bill from your current service provider for existing services up until your transfer date.
  • Transfers cannot be cancelled on the due date. A cancellation must be provided to Spark no later than 1pm the day before your service is due to transfer over. Anything after this will be rejected by your current service provider.

Transfer from Spark to another service provider

To transfer your mobile, landline or broadband service from Spark to a new service provider, it must be active with Spark. Contact the provider you want to transfer your services to and they will arrange the transfer.

  • Contact us to check if any of your services come with a term contract. If the contract term hasn’t finished, you may be charged early exit fees.
  • If you bought a mobile or other product from Spark on interest-free payments, check to see if you have any monthly payments left. You will need to pay any remaining instalments before you cancel your account. Learn more about interest-free payments
  • There is a 30-day notice period when you cancel Spark's services. The notice period starts from the day your new service provider requests a transfer of services with Spark on your behalf. You can find more information on our 30-day notice period in our terms and conditions. See terms and conditions
  • We recommend contacting your new service provider to request a transfer 30 days in advance. Doing this means you are less likely to be billed by both service providers for the same period of time.
  • Your service will need to be active with Spark for your new service provider to request the transfer.
  • Some of the services, discounts or benefits you receive with Spark may not be able to be transferred to your new service provider. Contact us to discuss what may happen to these services when you leave Spark.  
  1. Your new service provider will contact Spark to request the port on your behalf.
  2. You may receive a mobile port text sent from 2542 to your existing SIM card within 15 minutes of submitting your order. This extra layer of security requires you to approve the request. Make sure you follow any instructions specified in the text message.
  3. We will stop billing for your current services at the end of your notice period, or on the date of the transfer if your notice period has already ended.

If you need further help

  • Message our team. Message us
  • Call 0800 300 015 Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm, or Saturday between 9am and 6pm.
  • If you are overseas, you can call us. Depending on your location, there will be a specific number to call. Find the number to call

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