Connect inside

Fibre Pocket Guide

Connect inside

Now that Fibre’s connected outside, it’s time to finish the job inside.

What happens now?

Read on to learn about the work that’s done to install Fibre inside your home.

You’ll need to sign a form to approve the inside work. Read more...

This confirms that you agree to the Local Fibre Company’s terms and conditions and the method of work inside your home. If this is different from your plan, make sure you understand why!

A technician will take the Fibre cable from outside your house and wire it up inside. Read more...

The Fibre runs from the External Termination Point (ETP), that was installed outside your house earlier, and goes to another box called an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) inside your house. This is the starting point for your Fibre broadband service and your WiFi modem (router) plugs into it.

If there’s space under the floor, the technician may run the Fibre cable through there, or they may run it in the ceiling space. If that’s a no go, and it’s too difficult to use the wall cavity, they’ll run the wire along the surface of the wall, usually by the skirting board. The Local Fibre Companies don’t provide capping to cover the run, so you might want to supply your own.

The connection point(s) for Fibre inside your home depend on what you’ve agreed. Read more...

The ONT is commonly placed close to your TV, so your TV can plug into Fibre directly.

You may need extra wiring if you want top speed to more than one place or primary use for fast internet in your home. Some people like to put a wired (not wireless) connection to their home office for example. This is covered in more detail in Step 3 Meet the installer.

The technician will test the equipment to ensure that it’s working. You should also check your phone Read more...

If you have requested integrated wiring, your phone should be working in the jackpoint it’s in. If you don’t have integrated wiring, you will have to plug your phone directly into your ONT. If that’s not working, check that your faceplate is connected to your ONT.

Checking that the ONT and faceplate are connected

When will it happen?

Work will usually be completed within 1 or 2 weeks of meeting the technician to agree your installation plan, depending on the current demand.

What can I do?

There are a few things to keep in mind for the inside work.


Be sure to ask what work the installer intends to do inside. If it’s different from the plan you made, be sure to understand why!

You’ll need to be home for up to four hours while the installers are working inside.

Take a photo of any areas that will be affected, just in case of damage.