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Fibre Pocket Guide

Just ordered

We’ve got your order and we’re preparing for your installation.
Check out the videos below for a bit more on timings and who does what.

What happens now?

Now you begin the steps to installation. This diagram shows who does what and approximately when.

Who and When Diagram
The installation process. Consent is an additional step in some cases.
We pass your order to your Local Fibre Company (LFC) and they’ll arrange a meeting to plan your installation, or if consents are required, they’ll begin to collect those consents. Read more...

Spark looks after the broadband data over the optic Fibre lines, but we don't install the lines themselves. The government has chosen a few companies to install Fibre cable into streets and connect it to properties. It's a bit like we run the trains, but someone else looks after the tracks.

Your modem should arrive shortly by courier.

If you haven't received your modem 2 days before your scheduled installation, please let us know.

When will it happen?

Read on for timings on what happens next.


What can I do?

Read on to know what you can do right away to prepare for installation.

If you haven’t done so already, check whether your alarms and connected devices will work on Fibre. Read more...

Once you’re connected to Fibre, your existing Copper landline will stop working. This may affect devices that ran through your Copper line, like security or medical alarms, faxes or SKY TV. Your devices won't work in existing phone jack points unless you asked for "integrated wiring" when you placed your order and some services and products may not be compatible with the Fibre network. It's important to contact the company that provided you the device or service to check whether it is compatible.

When your modem arrives.

Once your modem arrives, you have a choice. You can either keep it stored somewhere safe, ready for the installer to connect it up inside when the time comes, or you can follow the instructions in the box and replace your existing modem now. This can sometimes improve the speed of your ADSL broadband connection.