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Use parental controls

Find out how to use parental controls in Spark Security Suite. You can block websites and set web browsing time limits.

Set up parental controls

  1. Open Security Suite
  2. Under Features, select Parental controls and follow the set-up steps

Setting web browsing time limits

  1. Open Security Suite
  2. Select Parental controls
  3. Go to Protect your family, and select Edit
    • Note: If you can't see this section, you'll need to set an administrator password as per above
  4. Type in the password
  5. Select Online schedule
  6. Select I want to choose when my child can go online
  7. Select the times on the schedule and select Done
  8. Select OK to save
  9. The online schedule will now show the times you've chosen in green

If you're using an older version of Security Suite

  1. Open Spark Security Suite by double clicking the M icon in the taskbar
  2. Select Parental controls
  3. Select Configure
  4. Select Advanced. If you're logged into an account with limited user rights, this button won't be available.
  5. Select the username you want to set up. If you haven't set up users yet, follow the instructions under Add Windows users.
  6. Select Edit
  7. Type in the website that you want to allow or block
  8. Select either Allow or Block
  9. Select Done
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