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What's eSIM?

An eSIM is an embedded SIM card that's built into your phone, tablet or watch.

It means no more plastic, no more fumbling with paperclips to eject your SIM card holder, and no more switching out physical SIM cards when travelling. 

Benefits of eSIM 

Compared to a removable SIM card, eSIM has the following benefits:

  • More capability: Use two phone numbers on a dual SIM–capable device.
  • More connected devices: Leave your phone behind. Watches, tablets and laptops will be able to connect to the network.
  • Seamless connectivity: Download your eSIM to your phone and switch easily between supported networks as you travel.

eSIM with Spark NZ - Supported devices

You can get eSIM on a range of devices, including phones, tablets and wearables. We can't guarantee that eSIM will work on devices that weren't bought from Spark. 

Phones and tablets

Spark supports eSIM for selected devices:

Device compatibility list

If you've already got an existing SIM card with Spark, you'll need to visit us in store to switch to an eSIM. Find a store

You can also buy a plan with eSIM online for your phone or tablet.

Want to buy an eSIM device online?

Shop the range of Spark devices


Spark supports eSIM for selected watches:
Device compatibility list

To check if there is a software update available:

  1. From your iPhone open the Watch app
  2. Tap General > Software Update
    • Before installing an update, we recommend  performing a backup
    • Download the update over WiFi to avoid using data

You can buy the Unlimited Wearable Plan with a Samsung Galaxy Watch online and in Spark retail stores

You can also buy a Galaxy Watch separately and connect it later to the Spark network with the Unlimited Wearable Plan for eSIM

Bring your Watch 4G into a Spark retail store to buy the Unlimited Wearable Plan

Frequently asked questions

Here's a bit of information to help you understand eSIM and eSIM–connected devices. Learn more in the FAQs below.

Please see the following link for a list of eSIM capable devices that Spark supports.

Device compatibility list

If you would like to buy a device from Spark you can visit the online store.

Buy a mobile device

If you already have one of these phones but you're not with Spark, you can buy a plan with eSIM online or visit a Spark store. (We can't guarantee that eSIM will work on a device that wasn’t bought from Spark.)

Get a Spark mobile plan with eSIM

Find a store

Device compatibility list

If you already have one of these watches but it's not connected to the network, you can buy a plan for it from a Spark store. Find a store

Note: You'll also need a mobile plan from Spark, and we can't guarantee that eSIM will work on the watch if it wasn't bought from Spark.

Yes, eSIM is available for the following tablets:

Device compatibility list

If you already have one of these tablets but it's not connected to the network, you can buy a plan for it online. Shop mobile broadband plans

We can't guarantee that eSIM will work on a tablet that wasn't bought from Spark.

To swap your eSIM to a new phone, go to a Spark store with valid photo ID. Our store staff can complete a SIM swap for you. When the order is complete, you’ll receive an email with the QR code that you’ll need to scan on your new phone. Find a store

To switch back to a physical SIM card after getting eSIM, go to a Spark store with valid photo ID. Our store staff can complete a SIM swap for you. Find a store

If you’re using an eSIM you'll need to use your ICCD number. Here's how to find it. Steps may vary depending on your device make and model.

  • iPhone: Go to Settings > General > About. (If you tap ICCID, it may switch to CSN. Tap again to view the ICCID)
  • Android: Go to Settings > About or About Device > IMEI information

Your ICCID number is between the first two digits (89) and the last digit. It's a 16-digit number beginning with 64. This is your Spark SIM card number.

Your new provider will let you know what details are required. Prepaid customers will need to provide their ICCID.

Please refer to our Transfer Services page for full details. Go to Transfer Services

We can help you block and unblock your eSIM device if it is lost or stolen.

Message us

Find a store

eSIM gets you connected on the mobile network. 3G or 4G connectivity depends on device settings and/or network coverage.

These services depend on the plan inclusions and general network availability. They're not affected by eSIM.

The number of profiles you can have depends on the type of device. iPhones let you to store multiple profiles, and you can switch between profiles in the device settings.

Smart watches generally can only store one eSIM profile at a time.


  • If your device asks you to disable a line when you are trying to active a new SIM, this means you have reached the maximum active profiles available on your device.
  • This could happen for example when you have one eSIM and one physical SIM card active. The message will say “Mobile Data Plan is enabled. Your mobile Plan is enabled. Which line would you like to disable?”
  • You will need to choose one of the profiles to disable in order to active a new line.
  • You can also switch between profiles. If you are trying to turn on a profile when you already have the maximum active profiles active on your phone, you will be asked to turn off one of your profiles.
  • Disabling a line will not stop your plan being billed. If you are wanting to cancel a plan of an inactive profile you will need to contact the service provider the plan is active with. 

No, eSIM doesn't use more data than a physical SIM card.

To control your data usage, you can set up Smart Caps from your MySpark account. Learn about Smart Caps

No, contacts can't be stored on eSIM.

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