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Understand rollover data and minutes

Understand how rollover data and rollover minutes work. Find out how rollover works on shared plans and changing your plan. Rollover is available on selected Spark plans.

What rollover means

When the data and minutes in your allocation don't get used before your pack renews, they get carried over to the next month or when you top up. This is known as rollover.

How to use rollover

If you run out of your data or minutes allowance and you're on a rollover plan, this is the order in which data and minutes get used:

  1. Allowance included in your pack, plan or extra in order of expiry
  2. Any rollover allowance available
  3. Standard rates

How to get rollover

Plans and packs not included

  • Data and minutes in Spark Digital mobile plans and mobile extras don't roll over.
  • Socialiser data included in Data Lovers doesn't contribute to your rollover balance.

What the rollover limits are

  • Data: The maximum amount of rollover data you can accumulate is 3.5GB. Rollover data gets used in order of expiry and the data expiring soonest is always used first.
  • Minutes: The maximum amount of rollover minutes you can accumulate is 500 minutes
  • These minutes and data expire after 365 days.

Using rollover on a shared plan

If you're sharing your mobile plan, the accumulated rollover data gets shared. Find out about sharing your mobile plan

The rollover data gets used by everyone in the shared plan in the same order as stated above. If the lead sharer leaves the plan, sharers will lose access to their remaining rollover data.

For sharers, the order of data used is:

  1. Individual extra allowance
  2. Shared plan and extra allowances in order of expiry
  3. Shared rollover allowance

Once your allowance is used, standard rates apply. Visit our standard rates page

Using rollover when changing plans

  • If you're already on a rollover plan or pack and you change to another eligible plan or pack, you can keep your existing rollover amount.
  • If you move from a Prepaid Value pack to a Rollover Pay Monthly plan you can keep your existing rollover amount.
  • If you change to a plan or pack without rollover included, your rollover amount gets frozen until you move to a plan or pack that has it. Your rollover amount is also frozen if you are using standard rates. The rollover amount will still expire after 365 days.

Change your mobile plan

View rollover terms and conditions for more information

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