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Swap my Spark number to a new SIM

Find out how to swap your existing Spark number to a new SIM card if your phone is lost, stolen or you need a SIM card in a different size.

  1. If you need a new Spark SIM you can buy one online or from a Spark store
    1. Buy a SIM online
    2. Find a Spark store
  2. If you haven't used MySpark before, you'll need to register and add your Spark mobile number to your account. Register for MySpark
  3. Sign in to MySpark
  4. Select the Spark mobile number you want to replace. This will take you to the mobile details page.
  5. Go to the Connection info section and select SIM swap from the menu
  6. On the SIM swap page, complete the form
  7. If you need more help, contact us via Live Chat
  8. Find out how to bring your number from a different provider to a Spark SIM

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