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Set up my eSIM device


We offer eSIM connections to customers who have bought eSIM–capable iPhones from somewhere other than Spark. Visit a Spark store and the team can get you set up with eSIM. 

You can also buy a plan with eSIM online. Get a Spark plan with eSIM

If you’ve already got an existing SIM card with Spark, you’ll need to visit us in store to transfer your number to eSIM before you can activate eSIM on your iPhone. Find my local Spark store

Want to buy an eSIM–capable iPhone from Spark and activate eSIM? Visit us in store or buy online. Shop iPhones

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G

You can buy the Unlimited Wearable plan for your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G online and in Spark retail stores.

You can also buy the watch outright and later connect it to the Spark network with the Unlimited Wearable Plan for eSIM. Take it to a Spark retail store to buy this plan.

You'll need to pair your watch with a phone that's connected to the Spark network.

Set up Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G

How can I get eSIM?

You can get eSIM on a range of devices, including Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G and iPhone. eSIM with Spark is available on the following devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G
  • iPhone XR, XS and XS Max on iOS 12.1 and above
  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max on iOS 13.1 and above

While all these devices are compatible with eSIM, we can't guarantee that eSIM will work on devices that weren't bought from Spark. 

Learn more about Spark eSIM

How do I set up eSIM?

To set up eSIM, follow the instructions for your Galaxy Watch or iPhone:

Set up my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G

Follow the instructions to set up your watch: Set up Galaxy Watch 4G

Set up my eSIM–capable iPhone

To set up eSIM on your iPhone you need to scan a QR code.

If you bought your iPhone online from Spark and chose eSIM when ordering we'll email you the QR code. Keep this code – you'll need it to activate eSIM on your device. Follow the instructions below to activate your eSIM.

If you already have an eligible iPhone, but didn't buy it from Spark, chat with the team or pop in to a store for the QR code:

If you have an existing physical SIM card connected with Spark you'll need to visit a Spark store for a SIM swap first. This will change your number over from the physical SIM to the eSIM. 

Once your SIM swap to eSIM is completed, the store can help you activate your eSIM. You'll get an email with a QR code, which you can use to follow the instructions below.

You'll need a WiFi or hotspot connection. Once your physical SIM is disconnected, you won't be able to connect to the mobile network until you have downloaded the eSIM profile.

Activate eSIM on iPhone

eSIM is supported on the following iPhones. Learn how to activate eSIM on your iPhone:

Having trouble scanning the QR code?

  • If you're having trouble scanning the QR code, make sure you've swapped your physical SIM for an eSIM. To swap the SIMs, you'll need to visit a Spark store. After you swap SIMs, your mobile number will be connect to your eSIM. Once your SIM swap to eSIM is completed, the store can help you activate your eSIM or, you can follow the instructions.
  • If you've just bought an eligible iPhone and Pay Monthly plan from Spark, ensure you've chosen eSIM as the SIM type when ordering. Then follow the instructions to activate your eSIM.
  • Make sure you're connected to WiFi or a hotspot because once the SIM swap is complete your phone will be temporarily disconnected until you have downloaded the profile for the eSIM. You need to be connected to WiFi or a hotspot to be able to download the profile. 
  • Try scanning the QR code again.

eSIM for iPhone FAQ

Yes, you can get Spark eSIM on an iPhone from another provider. Pop in to a Spark store and the team can get things sorted for you. Find a Spark store

Once your eSIM has been activated, you can remove the existing SIM card. The physical SIM card can be reused in another phone with another Spark plan. You'll need to have a new plan connected to the physical SIM. It can't share the plan with your eSIM.

Once your eSIM has been activated, you'll have the option of adding an additional SIM card. Learn more about dual SIM

Yes, if you have an eSIM–capable iPhone, you can activate eSIM on a Spark prepaid plan. Go online or pop in store to get connected. Get Spark Prepaid now

Spark’s new Unlimited Wearable plan is designed only for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G at this stage. We'll be looking to extend this plan to more wearable devices in the near future.

No, your second connection can be connected to any service provider, whether it's prepaid or pay monthly.

eSIM for Galaxy Watch 4G FAQ

No, the watch has a separate number connected. We'll enable this functionality in the next few months. At the moment, you'll need to forward calls from your main device to the watch if you need to leave your phone at home.

No, Spark eSIM on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G is exclusive to Spark mobile customers.

If you're looking to buy the new 4G Galaxy Watch, you must have your primary device (your phone) with Spark Prepaid or Pay Monthly. We require you to have your phone with Spark because the watch eSIM relies on a connection to the Spark network during the activation process.

Yes. You can buy Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G online and in Spark retail stores. 

When you buy the watch, you'll have the option to use eSIM to connect to the Spark network. You'll need to buy the $14.99 Unlimited Wearable plan.

Yes. Visit a Spark store to connect a Galaxy Watch 4G that you previously bought from Spark or elsewhere. You'll need to buy our new $14.99 Unlimited Wearable plan. Note, we can't guarantee that eSIM will work on devices that weren't bought from Spark.

Other eSIM FAQ

Right now, eSIM–enabled Android phones aren't available from Spark. We can only guarantee support on products that we supply. Spark is working with Android manufacturers to support upcoming eSIM–enabled devices.

In the meantime, dual SIM phones using physical SIMs are fully functional on the Spark network. Understand dual SIM phones

Yes, we'll be launching further functionalities along with compatible devices throughout the year. Watch this space!

Spark has been working hard to launch eSIM technology in New Zealand. Unfortunately, Apple  Watch with cellular requires further IT infrastructure. We're currently working on this. We hope to have an update in the near future.

We've enabled eSIM for the following Apple phones:

  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max

We can't guarantee that eSIM will work on phones that haven't been bought from Spark.

To switch back to a physical SIM card afeer getting eSIM, go to a Spark store with valid photo ID. They can complete a SIM swap for you. Find a store

eSIM gets you connected on the mobile network. 3G or 4G connectivity depends on device settings and/or network coverage.

These services depend on the plan inclusions and general network availability. They're not affected by eSIM.

If the download fails partway through, restart your device and try downloading the profile again.

It depends on the type of device:

  • eSIM–capable iPhones let you to store multiple profiles. You can switch between profiles in the device settings.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G can only store one eSIM profile at a time.

No, eSIM doesn't use more data than a physical SIM card.

You can use Smart Caps to control your data use. Learn about Smart Caps

No, contacts can't be stored on eSIM.

Your call might fail in one of several scenarios:

  • When switching from a physical SIM to an eSIM in the same device, your call might fail if the physical SIM card is set as the primary profile. Take out your physical SIM card, or set the eSIM as the primary profile.
  • If you have both a physical SIM card and an eSIM (dual SIM) but both are turned off, the call will fail. Make sure the profile you want to use for calling is turned on and set as the primary profile.

Your mobile data might not work after you set up an eSIM profile if you still have a physical SIM card in your device. Try removing the card from your device, then restart it. 

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