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Set up and check voicemail

Find out how to set up your voicemail, and how to check your messages.

  1. Dial 122 or 083210 from your mobile
  2. Enter the default PIN number: 1234
  3. Enter a new PIN number, and choose whether you want the PIN on or off
  4. Record your personal greeting that callers will hear
  1. Dial 083210 and enter your PIN (if you have one), and select the # key
  2. From overseas, dial +64 83 083210, enter your PIN (if you have one), and select the # key
  1. Dial 083210
  2. Select **
  3. Enter your mailbox number (your phone number without the zero at the start)
  4. Select the # key
  5. Enter your PIN
  6. select the # key
  1. Call your mobile and wait until the voicemail message starts
  2. Select *
  3. Enter your PIN
  4. Select the # key

Note: Charges apply when accessing your voicemail from overseas and from a different phone.

  • Pay Monthly new messages remain for 42 days
  • Pay Monthly saved messages remain for 30 days
  • Prepaid new messages remain for 14 days
  • Prepaid saved messages remain for seven days

You can request to receive a copy of your voicemail messages via email or on a CD or USB. To get a copy, call 0800 809 806. Charges apply:

  • Email: $20 including GST
  • CD: $22.94 including GST and delivery
  • USB: $52.91 including GST and delivery
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