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Set up One Number Wearable Plan

Quick troubleshooting steps for Apple Watch plan activation

If you see a message on your iPhone that says "Unable to Configure Mobile Plan", or the Set Up Mobile option is not available, try these quick troubleshooting steps:

Phone software

Make sure you have the latest iOS. On your phone, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Your phone needs to be on iOS 13.3 or later. 

Watch software

Make sure that you have the latest watchOS. Open the Watch app on your iPhone > General > Software Update. Your watch needs to be on 6.1.1 or later.

Dual SIM users

Turn off the SIM that you're not using for One Number. Go to Settings > Mobile. Select the mobile number you don't want to use for One Number. Tap Turn Off This Line.

  • If you've already got the latest software updates, try turning Airplane mode on, then off again.

Get more help with One Number Plan

Learn how to activate One Number on your Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular).

To set up One Number, you'll need an iPhone 6s with iOS 13.3 or later, an eligible Primary Pay Monthly mobile plan and a compatible Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) with watchOS 6.1.1 or later.

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About One Number

One Number from Spark is a way to use your phone number on your phone and your cellular watch. Two devices, one number. You can also make and receive calls and SMS from your watch without being close to your phone.

You can get One Number when you sign up for a $12.99 One Number Wearable Plan ($11.30 excl. GST). It's a plan for cellular watches only. It lets you use the minutes and SMS from your primary Spark Pay Monthly mobile plan on your watch. Plus, you always get endless data on the watch. 

Note: Endless speeds reduce to 1.2 Mbps after max speed data allowance exceeded. No tethering or hotspots. You can only get SMS mesasges if your iPhone is turned on and connected to the network. 

What you'll need

To get One Number, first you'll need a smart watch and phone. Check your device compatibility:

Apple Watch

  • Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) or later (on the latest software version) 
    • To check if there is a software update available, from your iPhone open the Watch app. Tap General > Software Update. You'll need watchOS 6.1.1 or later. Before installing an update, we recommend  performing a backup. Download the update over WiFi to avoid using data.

You can also perform a software update from the watch: How to perform a software update

Note: The Spark network doesn't support models from the North American region. Learn more about bands, supported locations and carriers at


You'll need an iPhone 6s or later. You'll need iOS 13.3 or later and VoLTE turned on in your settings.

Here's how to install the latest software (iOS) from Apple:

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Update.
    • Before installing an update, we recommend backing up your phone. Download the update over WiFi to avoid using data.
  2. Follow the prompts to update to the latest software version if required. 

Here's how to make sure VoLTE is turned on:

  • No active eSIM: Go to Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data Options > Voice & Data. Choose 4G, VoLTE On.
  • Active eSIM: Go to Settings > Mobile > Select SIM > Voice & Data. Choose 4G, VoLTE On.

Spark Pay Monthly or Business mobile plan

You'll also need a Spark Pay Monthly or Business mobile plan. Corporate accounts and users of Broadsoft, including IP Centrex and Mobile Office aren’t eligible for One Number at this stage. 

See all Pay Monthly plans

See all Spark Business mobile plans

Account authority for small business customers

Having trouble buying the One Number Wearable Plan? If you have an eligible Spark Business mobile plan, you might not have authority to make changes to your MySpark account.

This can happen when your account is managed by an administrator. We recommend reaching out to the acount holder to find a solution.

How to activate One Number Wearable Plan

Find out how to set up the $12.99 One Number Wearable Plan from Spark.

If you still need to purchase a plan, Go to Buy on the watch app

Already bought the plan from us?

If you bought the One Number Wearable Plan through a call centre, instore or online when you bought the watch, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on for the iPhone and the Apple Watch.
  2. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, then tap Pair New Watch and follow the prompts
    • If your watch is already paired, don't tap Pair New Watch. Instead, go to step 4.
  3. During pairing, skip Mobile Set-up. Choose Skip This Step for now.
  4. Once your watch is paired, in the Watch app choose Mobile.
  5. Choose Set Up Mobile.
  6. You'll see a spinning wheel. Wait 5–7 minutes for the spinning wheel to stop. You might still see the option to Set Up Mobile, but you don't need to do anything.
  7. Once your plan is active, you'll get a text message from Spark to let you know that One Number is ready to use.

If you've followed these steps but you still can’t see Spark NZ, or you get an error message, do not choose Set Up Mobile or Add a New Mobile Plan again. Instead, turn Airplane mode on then off again, or try restarting the phone. Once you've restarted your phone, you can open the Watch app again.

This screenshot shows the option to Set Up Mobile:

Set up mobile option in Watch app

This screenshot shows the spinning wheel during activation:

Plan is activating after plan is ordered offsite

This screenshot shows that the One Number plan is active for this watch:

Plan has been successfully activated

Buy the One Number Wearable Plan in the Watch app

We recommend buying the plan from the Watch app on your iPhone. See the instructions below.

Go to step-by-step instructions with screenshots

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on for the iPhone and the Apple Watch.
  2. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, then tap Pair New Watch and follow the prompts.
  3. During pairing, skip Mobile Set-up. Choose Skip This Step for now.
  4. Choose Mobile, then Set Up Mobile. See screenshot:

Set up mobile option in Watch app

  1. You'll see the Spark sign in page. This screenshot shows what you may see on your iPhone:

Spark log in screen

  1. Enter your email address and password. Choose Continue.
  2. Review the information about the $12.99 One Number Wearable Plan. Choose Continue.
  3. Read the terms and conditions and tick I agree to the above Terms and Conditions. Choose Accept.
  4. Review plan details, including your primary line, and choose Sign up.
  5. You'll see a success screen. Choose Close.
  6. Wait 5–7 minutes for your plan to be activated. You might still see the option to Set Up Mobile, but you don't need to do anything. 

Once your plan is active, you'll get a text message from Spark to let you know that One Number is ready to use.



For the best calling experience, make sure that VoLTE (4G HD Calling) is enabled on your phone. Here's how:

  • No active eSIM: Go to Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data Options > Voice & Data. Choose 4G, VoLTE On.
  • Active eSIM: Go to Settings > Mobile > Select SIM > Voice & Data. Choose 4G, VoLTE On.

Signing in with your MySpark credentials

  • If you don’t have a MySpark account, go to
  • If you have a MySpark account but forgot your password, go to
  • If you've made changes to your MySpark account, restart the Watch app before continuing

Having trouble?

If you get an error message during the activation process, see how to fix it. Understand set up errors

Confirm the watch is connected

If you want to make sure your watch is connected, here's how:

  1. Turn off Bluetooth or move away from your phone.
  2. Now open the Control Centre on your watch. Make sure WiFi is off. If the cellular data icon is green, then your plan is working:

    Cellular connection active on Watch

  4. You can also check on your iPhone. Open the Watch app and look under Mobile. Spark NZ should show under Mobile Data Plan.

  5. Spark NZ active on Watch app on iPhone

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Get answers to common questions about Spark's One Number Wearable Plan.

When you activate your One Number plan from your watch, Spark picks up your primary mobile number and associates it with your wearable device. So whenever you get a call, the network routes the call to your primary mobile number. This means that both your watch and phone will ring.

See step-by-step instructions:

When you make a call or send a text from your watch, your contacts will be none the wiser. People on the other end of your calls and texts will see your primary mobile number. That's it.

The $12.99 One Number Wearable Plan is billed just like your Spark Pay Monthly plan. Your One Number plan will appear underneath your primary mobile number. You can see an example of a bill with One Number here:

Example of Spark bill with One Number Wearable Plan

Your watch uses the voice minutes and text message limits of your primary plan. For example, if you have the $39.99 Pay Monthly plan with 300 minutes each month, any calls you make from your watch will subtract from these minutes. You can check your detailed usage at any time on the Spark app or online at

The cellular features of Apple Watch include reading and replying to text messages, calling and streaming Apple Music. To use these features, you'll need to sign up for the One Number Wearable Plan with Spark. 

This plan is a Pay Monthly plan that's billed on top of your primary Pay Monthly mobile plan. It costs $12.99 per month ($11.30 excl. GST).

New and existing Spark customers can sign up for the One Number Wearable Plan, as long as you have a Pay Monthly or Business mobile plan. 

At this time, One Number isn't supported for prepaid and corporate accounts.

No, you'll have the same mobile number on both your Apple Watch and your iPhone with the One Number Wearable Plan from Spark. 

If you want to have separate mobile numbers for your watch and your phone, take a look at some of our other smart watches. 

Besides the devices listed on this page, we can’t confirm whether a specific phone or watch will work with One Number. 

We're continually improving and expanding our One Number capability, so we hope to add support for more devices soon. 

Currently, One Number from Spark is only available on the $12.99 One Number Wearable Plan with Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) models. See What you'll need above to learn more. 

You can have up to two Apple Watches on your Spark account, with a few caveats: 

  • You'll need two separate $12.99 One Number Wearable Plans, one for each watch.
  • Only one watch can be worn at a time. Turn on Auto Switch in your phone's Watch app to make sure the watch you're wearing is active.
  • Both watches will share the number of your iPhone. This means you'll only get calls, messages and data on the Apple Watch that you're currently wearing. 

Both watches will share your activity and workout information to your iPhone. You can see your daily move, exercise and stand progress in the Activity app on your iPhone. It just might take a minute for all the data to sync.

You might accidentally delete your eSIM profile. This happens if you restore factory settings on your Apple Watch.

If you delete your eSIM profile, you’ll need to pair your watch again. Use the instructions above to pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone.

To delete the One Number Wearable Plan for your Apple Watch, you’ll need to call us on 123 or visit a Spark store. Find your nearest store

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