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Connect to networks when roaming

Having trouble connecting to a network while you're overseas? Find out how to solve your roaming network problems. Follow the steps that relate to the device you are using.

Selecting a network when roaming

  • When possible, keep your device set to automatic network selection. With this setting on, your device will connect to the best network for your device and location. It will continue to do this wherever you travel.
  • How to select a network may differ depending on your device and the software it's running. Try the settings below that relate to your device. If they don't work, you'll find instructions in your device's user guide.


  1. On your device, select Settings.
  2. Select Service Provider and turn off Automatic.
  3. Wait until the available networks appear. This can take up to two minutes.
  4. Select the carrier that you want.
  5. Go back to the main settings screen and wait for your device to connect to the network.


  1. On your device, select Settings.
  2. Select More networks or More settings.
  3. Select Mobile networks or Mobile data.
  4. Select Network operators.
  5. Select Search networks. This can take up to two minutes.
  6. Select the desired network.
  7. Go back to the home screen.

Windows Mobile

  1. Swipe left to view the apps list.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Mobile network / Mobile + SIM.
  4. Select Network selection / SIM settings.
  5. Wait while your device finds the network systems. This can take up to two minutes.
  6. Select the desired network.
  7. Select the Home button to return to the home screen.

Fix your connection problems while travelling

  • Roaming relies on overseas mobile networks. Since they are out of our control, we can't guarantee the quality of roaming services. Sometimes services may not be available.
  • If your device becomes disconnected from the network:
    • Try turning your device off and on again.
    • Try activating/deactivating flight mode.
    • Try manually selecting a network (see above)
    • Prepaid customers: Turn off 4G data. 4G Roaming is only available for Pay Monthly customers.
  • Older versions of SIMs can also cause problems when you’re roaming. This is a problem that's usually easy to fix with the following steps. It's recommended that you visit a Spark store on your return to New Zealand to have your SIM replaced.


  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Phone
  3. Select SIM application
  4. Select Roaming menu
  5. Select Manual
  6. Select:
    • TNZ: TNZ selected
    • Local network: Sponsor selected

Windows Mobile

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select SIM application
  3. Select Show applications
  4. Select Roaming menu
  5. Select Manual
  6. Select:
    • TNZ: TNZ Selected
    • Local network: Sponsor selected

Android and other devices

Each device has a different menu. You can usually find the SIM tool kit in Applications, or as a menu item under Settings. Once you've found the SIM tool kit, follow the same steps as the Windows Mobile steps.

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