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Set up with Spark while visiting NZ

Learn how to connect your mobile to Spark's network when you're visiting New Zealand. Check your mobile device will work on our network, find a plan that will work for you, and learn about our network coverage.

Before you head to New Zealand, check the following:

  • Make sure your phone is compatible with the Spark network.
  • Make sure your phone is unlocked by your overseas provider. You can only use your phone in New Zealand if it's unlocked. Check whether it's unlocked by contacting your current mobile provider.

If your phone is incompatible with our network or locked, we offer a wide range of phones. Buy a phone from Spark NZ

Devices like mobile broadband sticks or tablets only need data. See Spark Mobile Data plans

You may need to update your device settings before you can use mobile data on the Spark network. Set up your phone on the Spark network

If your mobile device is capable, you may prefer a Spark eSIM instead of a removable Spark SIM card. Learn more about Spark eSIM

Connection options

SIM card

  • To use your phone in New Zealand, you'll need a $5 prepaid Spark SIM or Spark eSIM (free). Spark SIMs come with a New Zealand mobile number.
  • To get a Spark SIM, find a store near you. If you're flying into Auckland or Christchurch, there's a kiosk at the airport.

NZ Travel Packs

If you'll be in New Zealand for up to three months, consider an NZ Travel Pack. Each pack includes a SIM card, data and local and international minutes. 

Find out more about NZ Travel Packs

Prepaid plans and packages

Download our app to top up, buy Prepaid plans and packs and view your usage and balance from your phone:

Pay Monthly plans

Staying in New Zealand for more than three months? Our Pay Monthly plans might suit you better.

View Spark Pay Monthly plans

Spark network coverage

We provide coverage across most of the country. You can use 4G nationwide. To use 4G, you'll need a 4G-enabled device. Our 4G coverage map shows if 4G is available where you're travelling.

View the Spark coverage map

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