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Understand account fees

Find out about the various account fees that may apply to your services.

Reconnection fees

  • A reconnection fee of $43.50 per service applies if we suspend your services for non-payment (a maximum of three reconnection fees per account will apply)
  • A reconnection fee of $63 applies per broadband/landline service if you move house. The fee may differ depending on the property, contact us for more information. Message us

Example of fees that may apply:

You have three mobiles connected on your account and service for these mobiles is suspended due to non-payment. A reconnection fee per mobile will apply, $43.50 x 3 = $144.90 total reconnection fees. 

Early termination fees

An early termination fee applies if you:

  • Cancel your Spark service part way through your contract term
  • Fail to pay your account and we disconnect you part way through your contract term

For information on how long your contract has left please contact us. Message us

Late payment fees

  • Residential: $18.40
  • Business: $18.40, or 1.66% of the outstanding bill, whichever is greater
  • A late fee applies for overdue balances greater than $50
  • Any payment received after a bill's due date is a late payment
  • If you have a question about your bill, we waive the late fee until we've resolved the issue. Any other charges on your account will be subject to late fees.
  • Late fees include GST, if applicable
  • To avoid late payment fees, set up direct debit. Set up direct debit in MySpark

Paper invoice fee

  • Switch to an online bill and we’ll email you a copy of your bill each month as soon as it’s available. You'll save $30 each year!
  • The paper invoice fee is for customers who receive their bills via the post
  • You can view your current and past 18 months bills in MySpark online or in the Spark app. View bills in MySpark
  • When you register for MySpark and add your account number, we’ll switch you to online billing    You can change the email address used for billing in MySpark. Change email address in MySpark

Note: We email the bill to one person only. More people can have access to the account in MySpark, but we only email the bill to the person who first registered the account with MySpark.

Credit and debit card fees

Credit/debit card surcharges

If you choose to pay upfront with a credit, debit or charge card, a surcharge will apply.

The credit/debit card surcharge for all cards, including one-off and recurring payments, is 0.87% (plus GST, if any).

 You can avoid this fee by signing in to MySpark and paying with POLi instead. POLi is a way to pay your bill using your internet banking. Pay a bill using POLi

Please note that we are no longer accepting Diners Club cards for payments.

Fault diagnostic fees

If you need a technician to visit your property to investigate the cause of a fault and/or repair the fault there may be a charge for this. A charge will show on your bill if:   

  • The cause of the fault is equipment inside your property
  • There's no fault found
  • The technician visits at the agreed time, but can't get access to your property

Costs for technicians are:

  • A fee to locate the fault: $124.99 (including GST)
  • Labour rate: $25.30 (including GST) per 15 minutes, plus any extra material costs

You can discuss with the technician what's involved to repair the fault, and what the costs are likely to be, before deciding to go ahead.

Note: The fee to locate the fault will still apply even if you don't have the technician repair the fault.

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