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Dispute or query a bill

Find out how to read your bill, and what to do if you don't agree with a charge.

Dispute or query a charge on a bill Use the Question a Bill form if you've got a question about any of the following:

Need more information about what's on your bill?  Find out more about your Spark bill

You can also manage your account details using MySpark and the Spark app.

Bill higher than expected?

The total amount to pay could be higher than you expected due to:

  • The service you used not being included in your plan, for example an overseas call.
  • You've sent picture messages, or messages to text services. These aren't free, and aren't included in a plan with unlimited free texts.
  • Using services over and above what your plan gives you. For example, your plan may include up to 300 minutes and you may have used more than 300 minutes.
  • Buying something new and adding it to your account. For example, you've upgraded your modem or bought a new phone.
  • Cancelling a service and getting an unexpected charge. You may still see a full month's charge on your bill after you cancel a service. This is because we need 30 days' notice. The notice period starts from the day you let us know you want to cancel.  More information on our 30-day notice period can be found in our terms and conditions. See terms and conditions
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