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Set up my Spark ID

A Spark ID is a username and password you use to sign in to MySpark and the Spark app.

Set up your Spark ID

  • You can register for a Spark ID through MySpark or through the Spark app
  • You must use your email address to register for a Spark ID
  • Once you've created your Spark ID, you'll need to add access to your Spark services to your account
  • Set up your Spark ID

Adding access to your Spark services to your Spark ID

  • You can add your services to your account through MySpark or the Spark app
  • In MySpark, go to the Overview screen and select the blue + icon located at the top of the page in the centre
  • In the Spark app, select the box icon at the bottom of the home screen to go to My plans and accounts page. At the bottom of this page, select the box with a + icon.
  • Follow the prompts to add your services. You'll need your account number and line and/or phone number handy.
  • If your account has a PIN number, you'll need to enter this to add a service. If you aren't sure of your PIN number, you can chat with us to have it changed or removed. Start Live Chat

Note: If you have a password, but not a PIN number, contact us via Live Chat to have it changed to a four digit pin.

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