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Understand overdue accounts

Find out about overdue accounts, and what to do to keep your Spark services connected. Find out tips for avoiding billing problems.

What happens if a bill is left unpaid

  • If a bill is left unpaid after the due date, you'll first be charged a late fee.
    Find out more about late fees
  • Your services may be disconnected. This means you won't be able to use your landline, broadband or mobile phone.

Know when your bill is due

  • You can find out when your bill is due by using MySpark.
  • The date you need to pay your bill by is on the front page of your bill. It's beside the Current charges heading. It's also on the payment slip.
  • Change the date you pay your bill by filling out the Change bill statement date form
  • Can't find your bill? Phone 0800 000 000 to find out your next payment date.

Note: When you change your bill's due date, the dates that the charges on your bill relate to will likely change. This will show on your first bill after you make the change.

Request more time to pay your account

  • We may be able to arrange a payment extension for you. Some conditions apply. For further information, contact us on 128.
  • Let us know if your phone needs to stay connected because of a medical condition.
  • Complete the Medical Dependency form. View Medical Dependency form

Overdue account reminders

  • If you haven't paid your bill, we'll leave you a phone message or send you a reminder letter.
    Note: These are not guaranteed. If you require more time to pay your account you will need to contact us on 128 or
  • Depending if you get a phone message or a letter, you'll need to pay the full amount within:
    • Two days of receiving a phone message
    • Seven days of the date on the reminder letter.

Query a missing payment

It can take a few days for an electronic payment to show in your account. There may be a few reasons why it's not showing on your statement:

  • Double check the account number you used to pay us is correct.
  • Check to see if your bank declined your payment.
  • If your payment is still not showing, complete our Account Payment Query form.
    View Account Payment Query form

Get your services reconnected

  • Within seven days of your service's disconnections, pay your account in full to have your phone reconnected. Otherwise, you can call 128 to talk to us about your options.
  • If you pay your account in full at a Post Shop, ask if you can use their phone to call 0800 000 000. Follow the prompts to create a record of your payment. We'll reconnect your phone within four hours.
  • A reconnection fee applies. Find out more about reconnection fees
  • There are a variety of ways to pay your account. Find out about ways to pay
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