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Learn about pro-rata charges

A pro-rata charge is a part charge on your bill for a service you used for only part of a month. Find out more about pro-rata charges and how they work. 

If you're new to Spark, or you've made changes to a plan or service, you may have two charges for the same service on your bill. This is likely a pro-rata charge. Find out what a pro-rata charge is and how it works.

If your bill is larger than expected, you may have a pro-rata charge.
Note: the Unplan usage is not pro-rated. It's charged after one month, not in advance. Other services such as a calling add-on will still be charged in advance.
A pro-rata charge can occur because:
  • Spark charges for services a month in advance. 

  • Your usual billing cycle starts and ends on the same days each month. You are charged for a full billing cycle a month in advance. 

  • Your connection date (when you start using Spark's services) with Spark is usually different from the date your billing cycle starts. 

  • The difference between your billing cycle date and your connection date results in a part-month adjustment. It creates a pro-rata charge on your bill. 


For example:

  • Natalie joins Spark and has her broadband connected on 4 October. 

  • Natalie's billing start date is 14 October. 

  • This means Natalie will receive a pro-rata charge for 10 days. 

  • Natalie's first bill will show a full month charge (14 October-13 November), and a separate pro-rata charge (4 October-13 October). 


Unplan example (not pro-rated):

  • Ashley joins Spark and has her Unplan broadband connected on 4 October.
  • Ashley is billed for one month's usage on 3 November.
  • Ashley's first bill will show a full month charge (4 October-3 November) for the amount of data she used.
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