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Set up and use kids' watches

Learn how to use the Spacetalk watch with the AllMyTribe app.

Get the AllMyTribe app

Types of app users


  • The administrator of the app can change all your child’s settings. This includes school times, safe zones and adding/removing contacts.
  • All other contacts will get alerts, see the location of your child and be able to communicate with them   

Family members and/or trusted contacts

Family members can receive alerts, see the location of the child and send and receive voice messages.

Check the SIM's phone number

You can check the SIM's phone number in MySpark, or by finding it on the watch:

  1. Swipe to the left on the clock screen
  2. Select Information
  3. Scroll to the phone number

Make calls and send texts

  • Kids can only make calls to the list of contacts set up by the parent/guardian using the AllMyTribe app
  • To make a call, swipe to the left on the clock screen until you reach Call. Select Call to choose from a list of contacts to call.
  • Kids can reply to an SMS on Spacetalk with a template text message and emojis
  • You can create as many text template messages as you like. Do this in the Settings menu using the Kid's messages option.

Add contacts to the watch

  • You can add up to 10 contacts to the AllMyTribe app through the Settings menu
  • You can also choose to block calls from unknown numbers
  • Once you've added contacts to the app, it can take up to two minutes to synchronize with Spacetalk

Check your kid's location

  1. In the AllMyTribe app, there's a button at the top right of the map in the Location tab
  2. Select it, and the AllMyTribe app will scan for your child's GPS location
  3. Shortly after you'll have the most up-to-date location of your child

Data security and safety

  • Spacetalk and the AllMyTribe app have been designed in Australia
  • All the server data associated with the kid's smart watches is stored in Australia
  • Spark's systems incorporate industry best-practice data security and can't be hacked or spoofed like other products like this
  • All data traffic between Spacetalk, the AllMyTribe app and Spark's servers is encrypted. We utilize two-factor authentication in the device-pairing process.
  • Spacetalk and AllMyTribe have been developed by MGM Wireless. They've led school communications systems for over 14 years. MGM has built a reputation for the highest-level data security through its school's business unit.
  • See the full Spacetalk terms and conditions

Spacetalk watch battery level

When calls are made, it will affect the battery level. To improve the battery life of the watch, you can:

  • Change the frequency of location reporting in the AllMyTribe app
  • Reduce the screen brightness on the Spacetalk watch
  • Turn off the lift to wake feature in the settings menu on the Spacetalk watch

There are different ways to check the battery level of the watch.

  • On the watch, swipe down on the clock screen
  • From the AllMyTribe app, select the Spacetalk watch from the menu. The battery level and last update will show on the Location and History screens
  • Spacetalk will send notifications to the AllMyTribe app when the battery level reaches 15% or below
  • Spacetalk will turn off when the battery level reaches 6%

Contact AllMyTribe in New Zealand

To contact AllMyTribe in New Zealand, call 0800 087 423.

  • The $7.99 Pay Monthly Smart Plan can only be used with the Spacetalk watch
  • The SIM you put in the watch uses our Spark network so you won't need to connect to Bluetooth or WiFi to check your kid's location
  • Once you've bought your Smart Plan SIM you'll pay a small monthly fee for connecting your device. This means you can enjoy worry-free monthly pricing as we'll never charge you more than the agreed monthly price.
  • Check your Smart Plan is active in MySpark online. Sign in to MySpark
  • If your child goes overseas, you won't be able to track their location. Roaming isn't available on the Smart Plan.
  • There's no early termination fee, so you can cancel the plan at any time

Use kids' watches with a different plan

We recommend you use the watch with our $7.99 Pay Monthly Smart Plan.

If you want to use it with a different Spark plan, you'll need to update the mobile network settings in the watch's APN settings. Find Spark's mobile settings

If your watch isn't working

If your watch stops working, take it back to a Spark store and our team will sort this for you. See the full terms and conditions

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