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Get a refund of credit on your account

Current Spark customers

If you're a current Spark customer and have a credit balance on your account, it will automatically go towards paying your future bills.

If you have an automatic payment set up, you may need to contact your bank to pause future payments until your credit balance has been used up.

Spark will only refund the credit balance on your account in exceptional circumstances or if you're closing your Spark account. This is to make sure we meet our regulatory obligations.

To request a refund, submit your request using this form. Go to refund form

If your refund is approved, we'll refund the credit to the bank account or credit/debit card your payments originated from.

You can also choose to donate your credit to the Spark Foundation or have it applied to another Spark account.

Please note, for any refund requests approved where WINZ have been making payment on your behalf, the refund will be processed back to them.

If your request relates to financial hardship, please indicate this on the form for our team to review.

Information for former Spark customers

  • If you have a credit balance on your final Spark account, you can get a refund.
  • Ready to claim your refund? Use the Spark account number included in the letter, statement or email we've sent you to complete the online form. Go to refund form
  • We can pay your refund within seven to 10 working days by:
    • Refunding the bank account or credit/debit card your payments were made from.
    • Transferring the balance to another Spark account (provided it's the same legal entity). Note: This excludes Prepaid accounts.
    • Donating your refund to Spark Foundation to support its community programmes

Note: After five years, any unclaimed account balance more than $100 will go to the IRD. This complies with the Unclaimed Monies Act.

If you don’t have your old Spark account number handy, or you want to check if you’re owed a refund, try our refund checker form. Go to refund checker form

Prepaid mobile customers

If your request relates to a Prepaid mobile, please do not use the form. Please contact us and our team will be able to help.
Message us
Call the Prepaid Helpdesk: 0800 32 32 32

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