Set up data usage alerts for your mobile | Spark NZ


Usage Alerts

Mobile Broadband usage alerts are a free service for Spark customers on both Pay Monthly and Prepaid mobile plans.

How usage alerts work

As you reach the end of your included mobile data, we’ll send you an alert to let you know so you can avoid any unexpected surprises.

These alerts will trigger at both 80% of your data plan and again at 100%. By default these will be sent by text message to the mobile number that’s using the data plan, but you can also nominate up to four email addresses and four other Spark mobile numbers to receive a copy of these alerts.

Additionally, you can choose to turn these notifications off or on as frequently as you like using the Usage Alerts Form

How do I set up Usage Alerts?

Usage Alerts can be mananged online here.


What else you should know...

Some mobile plans such as our Smart Onebill and On The Onebill plans are unable to subscribe to Usage Alerts as these plans don’t come with a data plan. If you’re on one of these plans and would like to receive Usage Alerts please consider purchasing a Mobile Broadband extra.

Usage alerts can only be sent to mobile numbers on the Spark Mobile Network and they will only be sent out after you have finished the session during which you reached your nominated limit.

Occasionally there could be a delay of four hours between the time you finish using mobile broadband and the time the alert is sent to you.

If you no longer want to receive Mobile Broadband Usage Alerts you can unsubscribe